Password Pestering

I’m using a private laptop. I really think people should always share computers, for privacy, but I have this laptop that’s supposed to stay logged in to sites I frequent. Nevertheless, following a link that was e-mailed to me did not show that I was logged in. I had to jump through hoops. Type in password, open an e-mail to get a link to change the password, have a machine tell me that using part of my screen name didn’t make a long or difficult enough password. Enough already. I’m not sure why a forum where money’s not changing hands even needs passwords. I know life’s too short to jump through hoops.

FiberKind is filled with nice people, but outside is a seething cesspit of cybercriminals hijacking other people’s servers. They constantly hammer any publicly reachable web server with attacks and password guesses, seeking to exploit any little crack in order to steal FiberKind’s server resources. In twenty years of watching server traffic, I’ve only seen the problem get worse.

Hence, passwords. I find that using a password manager helps tremendously with the sheer quantity of passwords I use.