Paper Bag Craft Ideas?

Since markets have banned reuseable bags and have gone back to providing free paper bags for our groceries, our bag supply is growing steadily. Does anyone have any good craft ideas to use all this lovely Kraft paper?

Back in the day, brown paper grocery bags did not have so much advertising printed on them.

For inexpensive costumes: [INDENT]- Cut concave indentations on the narrow folding edges, to accommodate the shoulders.

  • If there is writing on one side of the bag, use that side as the back or cover it with paint or glued-on tissue paper, wrapping paper, or fringe cut from another paper bag, to create straw-like hair.
  • Place the bag over the head and gently mark the placement of the eyes, nostrils, and mouth.
  • Remove the bag from the head, and cut out the eye holes, breathing hole, and mouth.
  • Draw a design on the bag. It could be a human face, animal face, a zoo, a tree with birdhouses, a barn, a landscape, a favorite painting, a cityscape of tall skyscrapers, an undersea world, a map, a robot face, a Picasso-style face, favorite foods… just anything at all. Kids can make these simple costumes and act out stories or plays.[/INDENT]

Great idea, qfknit!
Does anyone know how to crochet or weave a basket with this stuff?

@qfknit , that’s a fun and creative idea!

@Amore, I found a tutorial for making cute little paper baskets:

What adorable little baskets, @Cablegrrl !
In keeping with these pandemic times, I could picture a little home-made basket as a gift-card holder for Mother’s Day, for a favorite take-out restaurant, or two.

@Amore - when you mention weaving a basket, 4H comes to mind. There are group classes in weaving strips of willow reeds which have soaked in water to make them flexible.

I believe that strips of Kraft paper, cut from a paper bag, could also be briefly soaked in water to soften them and then used to follow the same basketweaving instructions… however the finished product would be for temporary use, as a paper basket would not be very durable. Here is one link to basic basket weaving instructions:

Possible use for a paper basket: gathering bits of scrap paper, dry pine needles, twigs, to use as kindling for a campfire?

Thank you!

It’s not a craft idea but I find these paper bags to be the perfect answer for dumping out my paper shredder. I don’t want to dump it into a plastic bag because I want to recycle it. I also don’t want to dump the shreds directly into our recycling bin as that can be a mess. Dumping it into a paper bag that is also recyclable is perfect.