November 2019 FO's

Share your November finished crochet projects!

Winter’s First Snow

Designer-Denise (Augostine) Owens
Her website is no longer online, but much of its content is available in the internet archive for

Aunt Lydia’s Classic Cotton #10 – White
Metallic Gold Sewing Thread

1.5mm hook, Blocked 9”


It’s based on Lille Matelassé Circular Baby Afghan by Priscilla Hewitt. (
Hook Size 1.50mm
Yarn DMC Baroque Crochet Cotton size 10 - Red & Green Aunt Lydia’s Classic Cotton #10 - Ecru
Finished & blocked: 16"


Very pretty - I have crochet thread staring me in the eye each time I open my needles/hooks drawer - yes, yes, but let me get through those boring black socks first!

@annekepoot - I couldn’t imagine knitting socks, much less black ones. You’re a trooper!

Oh, socks are a walk in the park. It’s crocheting a whole tablecloth as a Master’s grad present for my daughter a few years ago that tested me - a full year of the same motif over, and over, and over …