not authorized being on the page?

Love the new site!!! Very fancy,
I came across “combo knitters” page and on the bottom of it I was told I’m not authorized to be there. So I couldn’t post.
Started to click around and got lost and now I can’t even find the page!
Why wasn’t I not authorized?
Glitch of sort?

Are you signed in? I got that when I was poking around as a guest.

Love the new site design! Still trying all the features out, but so far, so good!!

The Combination Knitters page is in the Groups area. If you click on the Groups menu item, you’ll see the tile for Combination Knitters. There is a button there to “Join”. The owners will approve you and you’ll be right in!

I hope this helps.

Thank you!!

Yes I am signed in

@DebbiRYarn Maybe this is something that can be addressed by @Admin (sorry to keep tagging you). The site is small now and maybe the group owners have time to add people quickly, but is there any way to make it so the groups are public or that the owner doesn’t need to approve members? That seems a bit opposite of what we’re here for. I know there was some discussion on this on the first site.

@knitterlady13, I definitely see what you mean. I’m not even totally sure about my answer. I’m basing it on my experience with the Elderberries group. I’d put money on @Admin to figure something out, though.

Girls, all is good! I went to “groups” and under says “join in” and so I did!
No problem posting.
This site is very nice with lots of stuff. I will have to learn to navigate it!!!

The experience of resetting my password to access this new site was a ‘straight from hell’ experience. My computer remembers my passwords, but your site wouldn’t accept it. Then after changing it and gaining access, I had to ‘sign in again.’ TWICE. I hope some of this awkwardness is done now. Not an enjoyable quarter of an hour. At one point I was sure I should just throw in the towel. And I’m too upset to even want to try to explore the new site. Maybe another day.

Ahhh, don’t be mad! I got lost here when arrived. It only gets better. It is new site and it will take time to make it perfect.

I thought it was a setting when the group was created to be "moderated’ or “public”, but that might just be because I have an admin view. It’s also changeable after the fact as well, I’ll setup a group with my test account and see what it looks like.

because your computer “remembers” log ins - but did not update when you reset is not something under control of this site.
in the past, when I ran into these conflicts, I “cleared” the cache and then deleted that log in from my password management
lastly, when I logged in, choose to “remember” so the new log in was there “clean and ready to go”

There are different functions governing “Forum” and “Groups”
at this time, most of “Forum” is available to public - the hope is that folks will see what a great home we are building here and choose to join us for drama free craft conversation

Groups CAN be open - anyone can join, just click Join

Closed - aka/Moderated - meaning the group “owner/founder” may have reasons to control who joins
a useful feature down the road for things like a designer who wants to offer private support to owners of their patterns

Private - not visible to the public and somehow by invitation only (have not got this completely worked out in my mind yet
again, possibly useful to a designer or someone for a private class - did this years ago for a study group that required use of a particular braiding book
Or, for discussions that need to be private to avoid public controversy

Gradually, I imagine that more things will become members only and others will not -

Hope this explains at least a little bit