no message migration from old site to new site?

just checking… did the user to user private messages not come over to the new version of the site? i can’t find them anyway, and had to log back in to the old site in order to respond to a few.

Hi @xtophercb the only data I was able to safely migrate were the user accounts (minus the passwords). The forum software was too different to migrate the content safely. We decided to pull the bandaid and move sooner than later before more content had accumulated on the old site.

Do we need to redo our profiles and avatars as well? Mine appears to be empty and there is no pic.

yes you need to put back the bells & whistles of your profile -

note, at least for now, you can use the archive button on the top nav bar to get to the old site and cut & Paste anything you may feel you want to have “for posterity” sake.

Thanks for the info. I didn’t have much on there yet but didn’t want to duplicate and end up screwing up things. <wink>

thanks for the info. can easily work around it, but i’m glad to know what’s what. :wink: