New York Sheep and Wool UnRaveled giveaway

Every year, I make a few giveaway spindles for New York Sheep and Wool. The rules are simple- find me, and ask, usually with a phrase I supply.

I used to advertise the contest on Ravelry and Facebook. Can you guess which one I no longer advertise on?

In any case, I am getting the word out here early. This year’s spindles will be the MAGA collection. Simply walk up to me at NY S&W (most likely Saturday), and say Trump 2020 or MAGA, and you can have one (while supplies last)

I’ll also be adding a one-off spindle at a later time. Stay tuned. You can check out my other work at Http://


Checked out your Etsy shop, what beautiful work!

Thank you and now you know what I look like too :wink:

Find me on Saturday