New Group?

Would any of you be interested in a group for sharing health-improvement goals and working on them together (or really, encouraging each other in the journey to better health).

This has nothing to do with the New Year, but I have some health and fitness goals that I’m starting to work on right now. I was trying to figure out various ways to create some structure around that, and I thought “Who else would understand why I spend my free time sitting in a chair making things?”

If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll start a group. Also, give me your ideas for a clever name, otherwise it will end up being called, “Crafters Working on Health Goals” or something similarly boring!


This would be a great group to start. I sit entirely too much. At a desk at work then stitching in the evening. @Kathy7661 - I like that name.

I would be interested. We were just having a discussion in another group about increasing our calcium intake without dairy. I could see a group having different health topics - health goals, exercise, diet (not just weight loss diet), supplements, etc.

I also mean to start exercising more “tomorrow,” and would join such a group. I wonder if a general accountability group would benefit those who wish to get rid of clutter, become more organized, learn a foreign language or other such goals.

Count me in! I need this badly.

I would love to join a group like this! Here are some possible names:

Goal Setters
Goal Seekers
Goal Planners
Goal Trackers
Life Goals

Good ideas but Health or a similar word needs to be added or people will just automatically think it is for crafting goals.

Ah, good point, @Hellokitten ! Maybe Healthy Crafters…?

Hello, All! I like the ideas of expanding it to all sorts of goals, not just health. I like all of the names that @Hellokitten , @Cablegrrl and @Kathy7661 suggested. They got me thinking, what do you think of Encouraging Crafters or Motivating Makers? Maybe too alliterative, but encouraging each other is what I’m hoping for.

I like Motivating Makers!

I also like Motivating Makers.

It’s good. Then you would have various threads or subcategories of areas of emphasis, such as health goals, diet goals, exercise goals, new skills goals, mental motivation, other motivation? What else?

I like Motivating Makers too!! I’m all about awesome alliteration!!

I like it - it’s catchy.

Thanks for all the input! Motivating Makers it is! I will set up the group sometime today, then! Yay!

Okay, I set it up! If you have any suggestions, just go ahead and make them in the group. I’ll be posting about my goals later. Thanks again!

@MBearMakes I would be interested in a group like this! Name suggestion, Move it or loose it. Just being silly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: