My first rigid heddle weaving class!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to report in about my first RH weaving class. I took the class Thursday at Park Avenue Yarns and the teacher was our own @Grammaresa ! My sister and I were the only students so we keep bragging that we had a private lesson. We had a great time weaving and chatting with @Grammaresa . I was sorry when the class was over!


I wanted to do this but there was really no one in NM that teaches this close by to me anyway.:frowning:

@kern Way to go! Looks great!

@kern , good job!

I have to say that this was one of the most fun classes I’ve done in a long time. Made me miss my sister! And you two just picked it right up! Can’t wait to see your final projects!

I bet that was a fun class. Great job…really!

Nothing like having students on vacation. It’s a whole different vibe.

@Grammaresa my sister has already finished her first scarf! We managed to get her loom rewarped for number two-it was pretty funny as she roped my boyos into helping. They were like what are you doing auntie?? I’m still working on my first one-she’s more on vacation than I am!

I keep hoping that one of my grandkids will get the bug, but so far it’s only me. Oh well. Guess that means that I don’t have to share my stuff!