Marketplace categories Suggestions

I’m curious about the categories for the marketplace. There are only two basic categories and the subcategories are not expansive. Does anyone know if there are any plans to expand the listings? I’m thinking knitting stitch markers and project bags or other knitting/crochet notions. I have some to list, but don’t want to put them under a pattern or yarn category.

@Admin Hi…Admin should be able to answer this. I have also asked for categories for things like stitch markers, but I do believe that he is currently focused on stash and getting the marketplace over to the new platform. I keep telling myself patience is a virtue…:cool:

@Admin has told me that once the Stash Project is launched AND the Marketplace moved to the FiberKind Branding
there will be an explansion of categories.

Patterns & Yarn were the most requested initally,

So the answer to your question is “patience” and if you knew me at all, you would know that since I am eagerly awaiting him to have a bit of time to think thru additional categories - you would understand how difficult it is for me to “so advise”

Meanwhile Mr/Mrs @Admin and family have just returned from a much need rest and family outing - so again patience (a virture I am often short on)

Thanks for understanding it takes time to build and be sure it is at least a good beginning.

not every notion is going to get tis own category, but that is a likely category -
Would a “project organizers” be a good place for bags in your opinon?

Wheat making sure these two are on the list I have been compiling

My personal list was Knit Needles and Crochet Hooks
Yarn Notions since most if not all are used by both

any other suggestions?

If the community wants to get a list of desired categories and the filters to search those categories it will be easier for me to implement.

Probably maximum of 5-6 categories per grouping (like tools could reasonable have 5-6 sub-categories), then 8-10 filters on each category or it starts getting unwieldy and poor user experience.

Try to think how things should be grouped,


  • Knitting Needles -> Filtered by size, material, brand, ??
  • Crochet hooks -> Filtered by size, material, brand, ??
  • Notions -> I have no idea how to filter these effectively
Finished Goods
  • What categories should there be? What filters for those categories?

“Notions -> I have no idea how to filter these effectively”
neither do the reset of us - but I suspect we can come up with some good starting points now that have a better idea of the parameters.

Knitting Needles & Crochet hooks as separate categories
but both with sub for search fields for
Model No.
Country of Origin
Description (which can be used to mention what is included in a set/collection)

Hope others will add what I may have missed.

Brand could be used to indicate “Handmade” as a sort field
and yes there are folks out there who make WONDERFUL hand turned needles and hooks.

Since I doubt there will be anyone selling hot dogs or pretzels on the street -
It would be nice to be “sellers” or “shop keepers”

with subs related to
Portable Project Carrier (that needs a better name)

Tools & Notions (might need to be split out later)
Style ( stitch markers, bobbins, braiding disc, anything other than Kneedles & Hooks which are not consumables, but used more thanonce)
Model No
Country of Origin
Description -

BRAND: i see this used bythose offering Handmade by ______

Finished Goods - how are you envisioning this?
as a place for those who offer handmade garments, jewelry, accessories,
or manufactured goods?

I just realized I did not say PRICE field
and perhaps later some way to offer quantity discount -
so for example the Seller could sell by the skein or by the bag from within a single listing
But I have not properly looked at the yarn section so you may have this covered already

I think finished goods could be separated into two categories effectively: project bags & organizers. Project bags are self explanatory with a filter for size? and organizers would be needle/ hook rolls, cases, etc, dpn cozies & so on. For notions, I’d just leave it at that. I like the size, material, brand for needles and hooks.

@wheat Yes, project organizers is pretty all encompassing. Gives me a little room😉 Yeah, I think just knitting/crochet notions would work. Patience mode initiated:fist: