March 2024 Chatter

Who is ready for Spring? Earlier this week we had a bit of a teaser with beautiful weather but we are back to cold now. It has been another mild winter so I can’t complain :slight_smile:


I’m ready. However, we are cold over here.
Blizzard like conditions in my nearest mountains. (I’m good. Just cold and some rain)

Good weather for working on crafts…indoor crafts.

@Char miss seeing your quilts. They are so inspiring.


I’m sitting here enjoying my beautiful weather before the triple digits make their appearance. It can be as early as March or as late as May, but if I don’t enjoy the 60s now, I won’t see them again until November!


I have two tops I just need to take pictures of then I’ll post them. :slight_smile: should be later today.

@hereami are you still making a quilt?

Robotics competitions start today - I’m so excited!


@Nyssareen Your weather app is a bit ‘Sassy’. LOL.

@Char is this robotics competition online? I enjoyed watching the one I did last year. Although, it doesn’t feel like last year…was there one in the fall?

Yes…I still have my scrap quilt sitting on top of the sewing machine waiting for me.

My Wip list has grown larger. I think I have 6 blankets to finish. All of them are on the final stages. The last 5 inches of crochet blankets, the last layer of stitches for my quilt and so on. I also have some other Wips. But…I have ignore them and have forgotten what they are.

March is a new beginning for my goals. I will let you all know what progress is being made.


@hereami - yes, they are online!! Twitch :slight_smile:

It may have been the summer or fall - they have some off season matches on occasion. The teams really like them. :slight_smile:

As promised - two tops finished.


It is and I love it! It is called WTForecast and it is not only an accurate weather app but it gives you snarky weather reports and weird loading screens. I have it set at a low level of profanity, but you can set it to be as foul-mouthed as a sailor if you want (I just don’t want) :joy:

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@Nyssareen That is hysterical!
I may have to check that out. I would also skip the profanity. But, know plenty of people who would like the spicier side.

@Char those are lovely. Thanks for the link for the robotics.

I was included in the baby shower planning for my 1st grandbaby. Three of us met together to plan things. Turns out, the other two had separately already planned it with the mom to be. So basically I just sat there eating a snack, having a coffee and nodding along. Asking a question or two as they went along. They couldn’t decide if they wanted gift bags for the attendees or not. I have never been to a baby shower and left with a gift bag. But, since I have nothing to do I volunteered to make up some gift bags. 53 of them.

I am thinking maybe buy some cookies and bag them. Or maybe candies?

Have you all gotten a gift bag (party favor) as you left a baby shower?? What did it include??


I think I once came away from a baby shower with a couple of mints and a tiny plastic baby. (From the contest to see whose “water broke”/ice cube melted first to let out the plastic baby frozen inside.) I haven’t seen any proper gift bags, but if I were tasked to do it I’d probably put together a few candies or small snacks with a cute photo of mom-to-be, so attendees have a memento which will last longer than the chocolate cravings. :wink:


53 people attending a baby shower? Do I just not hang out with the right people or is that an insane amount of people to have at a baby shower?! I think the most I’ve ever seen is 20-some-odd. Anyway, I agree with Heather, some candies or cookies and a cute photo. A friend brought a Polaroid camera to a shower once and everyone got a picture with the mom to take home with them.


@HeatherAthebyne , @Nyssareen Love these ideas. Thank you.

I agree…it’s a large group. Most I have seen is 20 something as well.
I volunteered to purchase the stamps for the mailed invites.

She is a very popular girl. And had lived in the same town for 30 years.
The host said she is counting on 2/3rds of the people to show up. Her house can hold that many, but I am hoping the weather is nice enough for some of us to be outside by her pool.


@hereami One of our family baby showers included a hand knit dishcloth folded around a nice bar of soap like a diaper - diaper pin to hold it closed. It was cute!


I’ve seen that before and it is adorable!


oh! i love this idea!
I have 37 days to make 53 clothes.

Maybe I can just buy the washcloths.
I am off to look for pictures of that idea.

Thanks again.


Be sure to post pictures :wink:

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I haven’t been to a baby shower in years but I think we usually did get a small gift of some sort. Not that I can remember what. It was always fun.

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You are so talented!


I haven’t been to a baby shower since my grandson’s. My daughter’s friend hosted it and she is into entertaining! She did have some gift bags with chocolates. I think the idea of gift bags for weddings, etc. is ridiculous but now we are stuck participating or we look bad. When my daughter got married, they had multiple receptions. It was a traveling wedding. We hosted one at our house for my family so we had 30 people. I made cut out cookies in a heart shape. I had a choice of Lavender shortbread or sugar cookies. I put some in clear bags and tied a ribbon around them with a tag that identified what they were. They seemed like a hit. Who doesn’t like homemade cookies? I don’t know what shape would be good for a baby shower.

53 people is a ridiculous amount for one shower. Will she open the gifts at the shower? That will take a LONG time.


oh! I also like the home made cookie option.
It is dinosaur themed. They are having a little boy and so…dinosaurs.
There has got to be a dino shaped cookie cutter out there somewhere.

Yes, she will open presents there. However, because her gift list is online. They are expecting a lot of things to just be shipped to her door. We have set aside an hour for gift opening and for her to mingle. And, it’s the last thing we do. So people are free to leave if they need to.

She didn’t really want to have the wish list. They seem so awkward to make and share. Her family and friends asked for one. And modern times have made buying stuff so easy. …too easy… All people need to do is go to the site. Click and buy something she has listed and have it shipped to her door.


I have been working on this for a few months now. I want it to be done before the baby is here in May. The kit is available online several stores.
I found it at Joanns on sale and I think I also used a coupon.