March 2021 - National Craft Month!! Chatter here

Welcome to National Craft Month!!!

I feel like a “craft race”. How many yards (or miles) can you craft this month? :). Weigh your balls before and after crafting - if you need help with the math, let me know.

I’m thinking we should set a personal goal of yardage to use this month. I’ll set up a thread for that.

I’ll have random drawings throughout as well.

Ok - get on those running shoes and warm up!!!

This sounds like fun! (Trying to calculate from grams to yards, hhhmmm. To early!)

You might be in the miles club!

My husband set up an “idea” wall for me - the squares stick nicely to the felt.

here is my quilt so far. :slight_smile:

PS - I’m hoping for a sunny day today for a better pic. :slight_smile:


Looking great!!

I’m trying to decide on a fabric goal for myself. And how to calculate it. I believe 3 to 4 pounds is a yard - so I might be able to weigh it to assist with those scrappy pieces. We’ll see what I come up with through the day.

Ooohh! I bought a design wall pad, never found a place to put it. I’m glad you have one you can use - they are really helpful. Your quilt is looking great!

After a full weekend of working, I’m taking today off and playing with my wool and carder. Sounds like the perfect way to start the month to me!

Will previously started projects count? I have two of the three seams sewn on my king sized bedspread. I have one seam and the edges to finish. The edges include trimming, skip stitching (rotary blade with skip stitch blade to cut crochet holes) and crocheting. How do I calculate that? The skip stitching is the hardest part.

@lovestostitch - yes!

Weigh the yarn you are working with now and when you are done to calculate the yardage. :slight_smile:

What about sewing? Does that count?

Sure! I’m thinking yardage. I am going to set a goal for yardage used. :slight_smile:

If it is an estimate for yardage - such as small pieces, you might google how much your particular fabric (IE cotton, fleece, flannel) weighs per yard?

My pieces are big! I know how many yards I’m using.

If we are doing different crafts (sewing, crocheting and knitting), do we do different goals or is there going to be a mathematical equation and we reach one goal?

Hmmm - all part of the greater goal, just parts of it. There are no “wrong” answers. :fk:

Today was a “Dances With Wool” day! First photo is 6 oz of Sky Blue, 2 oz of Navy, and 1 oz of Chestnut. I ran the batts through one more time to layer the colors. That’s about 9 oz of wool all carded and ready to spin. This will be a shawl that I’ll give away with a book - Sarah’s Choice - that I have coming out later this summer. And then I carded some plain colors, 2 oz Navy, 2 oz Chestnut, 2 oz Lilac, and 3 oz Pumpkin Orange. All told, I carded 18 oz of wool today. :slight_smile:




That looks like so much fun to play with!

But-but-but…isn’t every month National Craft Month?! LOL!!!

Oh, that’s a neat idea.

So pretty!

Choosing a goal is going to be a bit difficult. I have big projects (long rows), little projects (instant gratification), and school projects (no yardage, but need to be considered as part of the calculation). I will have to think about how ambitious I want to be…after I cast on my new projects.