March 2020 National Craft Month - Donations

I am hoping to gather some donations for our March 2020 National Craft Month make along…

If you would care to donate anything, please feel free to list it here, or send me a personal message.

Donation suggestions:

  • Pattern
  • Stitch Markers
  • Do you have that ball of yarn you just can't figure out what to make with it? Maybe it is time to pass it along!
  • Project bag
  • Gift Certificate to a favorite crafting website
  • A small project you have handmade
  • Other: ______________
Thank you all so much for being part of this community and make along. Enjoy crafting and celebrating National Craft Month with us.

Our first donation is four skeins of yarn:


Our second donation is two 50g skeins of Mani Pedi Sock yarn:


I’ve got 2 canvas totes with the Fiberkind logo embroidered on them. At the moment, they’re empty. But who know’s what may be inside when they reach the winners!!


Those turned out great!!! :slight_smile: Thank you for donating!

My pleasure!

The Bag Lady strikes again. They are great!

lol @lovestostitch! I can’t help myself!

An anonymous donor has donated these beautiful handcrafted wooden hooks, and is including some bonus craft labels. Thank you!!


This same anonymous donor has donated a set of Susan Bates bamboo crochet hooks! Thank you again, Anonymous!


Ooooh! How pretty! I hope they know how much it’s appreciated! Thank you!

Wow! {Drooling} how nice!

So kind! Thank you again!

Our first bag lady prize goes to Ellendeknitter! :-). Thank you again for donating!

Very generous, thank you!

Thank you Anonymous.

Thanks again Anonymous!

These are works of art, Anonymous has great taste.

And Anonymous is very generous, what a lovely set.

I thought I could donate these books, if you think they might be interesting to people: