Made by Devrie knitting patterns

Hello, my name is Devrie and I’m the designer behind Made By Devrie. I design many different kinds of patterns but I specialize in toys and characters. I love custom creations. If you can’t find a character you want to make, please ask. I’d love to design the pattern for you. You can check out my patterns over in my Etsy shop.

Hi @madebydevrie ! That Fox Hood is so cute!! :slight_smile:

Lots of pretty designs… Great shop!

Thank you! It’s fun to make!

Thank you! Still learning new things everyday!

I came across your Etsy shop a couple days ago and fell in love, so glad to see you here! My sons and daughter-in-law are very into superheroes, so I may have to purchase some of your super cute patterns for Christmas presents sometime soon!

Genuinely Curious, do you have a legal license to profit off Marvel Characters that are trademarked? Several designers doing the same as you, were sent cease and desist letters. Even a Needlepoint designer got in trouble and he doesn’t have an Etsy account. I’d be very careful if I were you.

So glad you found me! My kids love super heros. If there is a super hero they like that you don’t see, let me know. I’m working on some new ones in the next few months.

From my very limited understanding it is all in the wording. I try to make sure I use the words “inspired by” to show that i have no affiliation with the Marvel company. That is at least what I’ve been told to do to get around it. I’d love to hear advice if anyone knows better.

“Inspired’ didn’t help several designers from being handed cease and desist letters. Just be informed. Listening to others ‘get around it’ doesn’t mean it’s factual. Have a blessed day!