Looking for this pattern.

Does anyone know where I can find this pattern?

Oops - never mind - she is selling the actual cocoon I think. Search continues!

betting some of us could puzzle through how to make it … it’s really cute!

@Suthernknitwitt - there are all sorts of cocoon patterns at this website - with links to the patterns - would one of these work?


Oh that would be lovely! I figure the top is knitted flat stockenette then joined together in the round for the body, but it does look like the join is crossed one in front of the other. Possibly picked up some stitches behind the other flap? Or maybe a cable cross? idk

These are great! My heart is yearning for the one pictured, but I will probably make one of those in the meantime.

I did the same thing about four times lol.

@Suthernknitwitt - I have one just about finished. I made mine ribbed so it would hug a baby, and still grow with baby, but could easily be made in stockenette. I have the collar in progress now, slightly crossed. I’ll post a pic tomorrow when it is done. If you’d like I can give you my notes.

@Suthernknitwitt - what do you think? the hat looks like it could be done easily too, but I am out of this yarn. Lol. If you like it I can type up a pattern…

My child’s stuffed animal is going to have to suffice for a model as I don’t have a wee one here.


LOVELY! If it wouldn’t be too much trouble, I would love a pattern!

@Suthernknitwitt - I sent you the pattern over private message. It is the first draft, but I think it is all there. I’ll knit another one before I finalize the pattern. :slight_smile: Let me know if you decide to make one!