Looking for Test Knitters for a Betsy Ross Beanie

Hello! I’ve never made a “professional” pattern before, but after I posted this picture on instagram I got a LOT of interest. So I’m taking diligent notes and will hopefully get a pattern put together this week. In the meantime, I’d like to see if anyone wants to test the pattern when I do.

This hat is made with intarsia, but can also be made with duplicate stitch. It would be nice to have people who are familiar with this kind of knitting (Am I’m using the right terms?) and people who are new to it and willing to try (Am I making myself understood?).

Also, the yarn is a fingering weight tweed by knitpicks, but if anyone has a non-R. supporting or neutral company they would like to suggest, that would be awesome!

Thank you all so much!


I need to find yarn that matches the colors and us political neutral also… Then I’ll test it! I love it!!

Thank you! And don’t worry too much about the “pedigree” of the yarn for testing it. If you have something already that you think would work that’s fine. I’d just like to find a brand I can wholeheartedly suggest for the pattern. :slight_smile:

Would love to test but an heading out on vacation for about a month. Will check back in when I return to see where you are with the pattern. It is wonderful…

@shrikewoman There is a very good book by Kate Atherley “The beginner’s guide to writing knitting patterns” I have it on my Kindle. In addition, if you are thinking of going in to designing in more depth, there is a great class on Blueprint, https://shop.mybluprint.com/knitting…knitters/35785 by Edie Eckman…she is an AWESOME teacher. And one more, but not how to actually write the pattern, is Ann Budd’s book: The knitter’s handy book of patterns. There are 4 different styles of hats in here along with all the different sizing instructions.

By the way…love the pattern!!


I would love to try a test knit for this. I probably couldn’t start until 7/27 though.

I’ll look at my stash. I did a large donation to someone in need since I’ll be moving in the next few months. What weight are you using. I may just find the reason to order some :stuck_out_tongue:

Ooooh Knitca is having a huge sale for prime day… 50% off with code prime19 …
I have not heard if they put their foot in political mouth but since they are in Canada I’m hoping not… :smiley:

I would love to test knit that beanie. It is super cute, and darn it, if Nike won’t let me have Betsy’s flag on my sneakers, then I’d proudly wear it on my head! I have no experience with intarsia, but I do enjoy stranded knitting and I have done duplicate stitch. I would be happy to be a guinea pig for whether or not the pattern would be newbie intarsia friendly :slight_smile:

I’ve never tried the intarsia technique - but I’d surely give it a try to make this hat. I love it!!!

I’d even pay for this pattern.

@shrikewoman [SIZE=14px]I really like your hat[/SIZE] and believe I would enjoy knitting it and wearing it, too.
LOL, you do NOT want me as a test knitter because I rarely follow a pattern.
For example: I see your hat and I think… Colorwork? Duplicate stitch? Double knit earwarmer/earband/hairband? Pocket?
Yes, I believe I would purchase the pattern for the stitch counts and design sizing/placement, but I would knit the flag as a double-knit earwarmer/earband/hairband… or as a pocket.

I must be part bird… always “winging it” and knitting “on the fly.”

Love that tweedy blue yarn, what brand/colour? Best of luck with the pattern. Alas, I’m not American and I don’t have anyone I could gift it to :frowning: looks like a fun project though.

Thank you SO MUCH!!! I’ll start binge watching right away. :wink:

HA! I am already looking at ways to slap it on anything, and it’s my own pattern. I’ve had a couple of people say it would be great on a sweater, and instead of being a sensible person who goes “Oh, a just use a chunky yarn and it would be big enough.” I’m already going “What if you did a light cardigan with the flag over your heart, and a larger pattern on the back??? Knee socks with flags on the side??? BOSTON TEA PARTY COZY???” And this is why I’ve never published a pattern before, and only kept to my own crazy knitting corner. But I’m going to buckle down this time and do it!

I love your pattern and the project possibilities are truly endless! I’m thinking it would be a great cushion or maybe on a messenger bag.

Wanted to let all the folks on this thread know that if they are interested in being a test knitter you should head on over to our new group - Pattern Testers - and join. Diana

Hi, I found and joined the test knitter group, but cant find a post about test knitting this beanie. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Would you like me to move this discussion over there?

@shrikewoman Would you mind moving it to the group? We are getting very lonely there with no patterns to test. :heart:

Love the idea! I would love to knit this for ya, what weight yarn is your stitch count? I have dk in almost navy, cream and red. I might be persuaded to go hit up hobby lobby for any other weights, though!