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Hello: Simple question (I hope). I get a notification that someone has liked my post, I click on the link in my email which takes met to the topic. How do I know which posting was liked?

If you click on the notification in your message box here it should take you directly to the post, at least it does for me.

@freedomLover: Ok I’ll try that. Does it list who has ‘liked’? Or you just have to assume that the post it took you to is the one that was liked by that poster?

But it’s still a guessing game as to who else ‘liked’ the post.

@freedomLover: I don’t seem to have that button you are referring to. At least I don’t see it.

You seem to have a good grasp on navigating this site. Do you know how I can post a screen shot to show you what I see?

@susanwayne I am so glad you are asking such really good questions. so many people hesitate to ask for many reasons, you are indirectly helping many people as we all explore this somewhat strange new world.

I also like that you so often ask one question at a time - and put thequestion in the title - that will also help others who may be “searching” for an answer

I just liked this post, so you should see a number 1 next to Like. Click on “1” and you should see my username. I don;t know how to screenshot.

@FreedomLover: That worked. When I clicked on the number ‘1’ I saw that you were the person who like. THANK YOU So much for your patience and help.

I’m happy if my questions can help someone else. I have always gone on the principle that the only dumb question is the one unasked. I ask the questions as I am confronted by the issue, otherwise, ten seconds later, it’s out of my head. Thanks to all the helpers for their patience.

I think we may be related - it has never bothered me to appear dumb if it meant I got the information I wanted/needed. and yes, I admit to “passing thoughts” syndrome - although some of those would have been better left inside my head …

@Wheat: You’re too funny.

I’m glad it worked! And I agree with @wheat, others with the same question can have it answered now because you asked.

@wheat 7 @FreedomLover: Between the two of you I’ll have this site down pat in no time. Thanks for all your help.

@susanwayne if you and other keep asking questions, so we have to go “look stuff up”
we ALL will soon be whizzing around enjoying the making even more

testing a theory - ignore this comment

@wheat: Consider yourself ignored! hahahaha

Is there a place where we can look up ‘stuff’ ourselves so we don’t have to keep pestering you guys?

most if not all questions are “more or less” answered by going thru the “HELP” section
there is/should be a navigation link at the bottom on the page - same area as the “Go To Top”
but closest to center.

Okay. I see the help link. I’ll try that with my next question so you can get back to your knitting or crocheting!

I have an idea… maybe @wheat and/ or @FreedomLover could make video tutorials for those of us who fumble around the site? Cool right? :cool: