Knitting Worry Monster

Hi everyone! I work with children and have attempted to knit my first worry monster, but I am struggling with the instructions. I am up to the part where I need to knit the mouth pocket to hold the worries, but I don’t understand the instructions; any help would be appreciated!

Integral mouth pocket (for this you need two stitch holders)​​​​​​

It would be helpful to know the original # of stitches in the row, but regardless, it looks like the pocket part is in the center, when you get to that particular section, you start knitting with both the outer color and the pocket color held together for that center section, then drop the pocket color behind and just knit the outer color to the end of the row (DO NOT CUT YARN.) You will then put those stitches on a holder (piece of yarn,or whatever) and go back to the mouth color where the end will then be at the end of your needle, and you will then begin a purl row (if knitting it in stockinette) and knit back and forth on only the mouth color until it is 34cm long. Then you add back the last outer stitches you knit onto the needle. Purl the main color to the mouth stitches, then pick up the mouth color and knit with both yarns for the mouth section, then drop and cut the mouth yarn and just knit with the outer color adding back the first stitches you put on the first holder and continue purling to the end. I hope this helps!