Knitting Magazines

I go to the library once a week. Each visit, I walk right past the magazines and never give them a second glance. Today, as I was leaving, I saw the word “Knit” sticking up from the rack. I stopped, pulled it out and remembered. I used to love knitting magazines. I checked them all out. All of them. This afternoon I had an absolute blast looking at them. (I was supposed to mow the grass, but it was too stinkin’ hot. Tomorrow doesn’t look good either.) How did I forget what fun magazines are? For the past 11 years I relied on the other place to get all of my knitterly things. Destashes for yarn, vendors for patterns, threads for advice etc. I have been missing out on a great resource for neat stuff. And I have realized that I was spending so much time reading threads that I wasn’t knitting as much as I was collecting yarn and patterns. The last few weeks I have knitted a lot. All of this heartache and aggravation may have been a blessing in disguise. Tomorrow I think I’ll hit up the library in the next town. Bet they have magazines, too.

I discovered an electronic copy I had saved way back. And found a pattern to cast on! So happy. You are absolutely right about spending so much time on a knitting website that you forget to actually knit. That was a problem for me for quite a long time. I’d surf around saving patterns I was never going to knit.

And the feeling of flipping pages is so satisfying!

I much prefer hard copy to electronic. I can never remember where things are in PDFs, even though the laptop is more organised than my bookcases.

I am enjoying knitting at the moment, much more than I did for a while.

Photography is much better on paper than on screen IMHO.

@TinaHill Cooler temps are on the way! I’m in SC and we’ve been melting for the last few weeks but we’re looking at several days in the 80’s and our overnight low tonight is 67!!! :smiley:

Some libraries also offer digital magazine downloads for free. Through RB Digital, I am able to download Interweave Knits.

I need to check my library! Thanks!

I did find some knitting magazines I forgot I had. The knitting guild association publishes cast on magazine. I had several issues before they went digital. Really like it and my skills have improved since so more of the patterns appeal to me. Another reason to get my membership renewed.

I never go to the library. They are only open two days a week. It’s sad. Maybe I’ll try to drop in one day.

I like knitting magazines. They usually have some interesting information too, such as techniques Nd new cast ons, etc. Can be very educational.

I particularly like looking through Vogue Knitting.

I spend a lot of time not knitting because of my arthritis. After a couple of hours I an ruined for a day or so. So I surf.

I used to go to the library all the time for knitting books, but as the R database expanded I stopped going (for patterns at least). I’ve visited the last couple of weeks and it’s just so wonderful to sit in the stacks and page through real books! Our library system here is really good and there are many branches. It’s fun to visit different libraries to see what is on the shelves.