Knit Dragon Scales shawl?

I’m looking for a pattern for one of those dragon scales shawls in knit, not crochet (because I’ve lost any and all crochet skills I ever had). The only place I can find it is on R. Thanks, yarnies!

I can find two shawls called Dragon Scales. The one by Carissa Browning is on carissa, link here. There is another one of the same name, by Chloe Sloat, but that only seems to be on R.

Hmmm… That’s not quite what I was looking for, although great. This one had somewhat poofy scales. I’ll keep looking! :smiley: Thank you so much helping!

Do you have a picture or site where we can see what it looks like?

Check out Alexandra Davidoff’s “I AM Dragon” pattern on Etsy. Going to try to add link:

@mandymagoo , I don’t know what shawl shape you want, but here’s a stitch pattern result at the Walk Treasury Project website. You would make a rectangular shawl with this pattern. Maybe what you have more in mind (you’ve not posted a sample photo yet) is what’s called crocodile stitch, like this website has?

That knit crocodile stitch is some amazing reverse engineering. Some stitches are mich easier in one craft than another, for sure!

These are both really cool stitches! Thanks for posting!

This is the exact pattern I thought of in response to this post! Great minds think alike!:+1:
I would love to make this pattern just for the challenge and it’s so cool! Someday!

@Knit2PSquare, right?! Yes, it would be a fun knit! :+1: