K/C To tie up the loose ends of scraps of yarn...

Hey All:

For those of you who can’t bear to toss out the smallest bit of yarn, saving them up for scrappy projects, this is for you.

I save all of those balls, large and small, but when I go to use them most of the ends have unraveled and I have to untangle the mess, taking my time from doing what I love, knitting or crocheting.

I ordered tiny - and I do mean tiny - clothes pins to try and use as stitch markers but they didn’t work well for that. BUT…when I went to sort out those little balls, I tried this (see photo).

Works great! The clothespins are on Amazon (of course) and you get a lot for a few dollars. Well worth it now that I have found a good use for them. It takes a bit to get the hang of using such small pins, but once you do, they are easy to use to secure the loose ends.

Just thought you’d like to know.

Tiny Clothespins for keeping ends neat on yarn balls.jpg

After my daughter in law’s baby shower I asked if I could keep a few of the tiny clothespins and her sister said I could have them all as she had no other use for them. They definitely come in handy for a crafter, I’ve also used them as a marker for my place in a pattern.

Great idea! I use the itty bitty hair claws for this as well.

What are they? Can you post a pic? A good idea can get better!


Thanks Pinesprairie. Now I know what you meant. Those would be good also. Great alternative.