June 2021 Crochet FO's

Show off your finished projects completed this month! :fk:

I’ve completed a couple of projects this month.

Shadow’s Sister is a crochet version of my Shadow Hat. It’s live on Ribblr.

I also finished a little zipper bag for my Thank You cards. Tunisian in the round with #10 thread.



Love them both!!

These are amazing.

I clicked on the Ribblr link to take a closer look at the hat.
That’s a wonderful site. Thank you for the link.

Thanks @DJM & @hereami !

I’m in love with the Ribblr site. They’ve put a lot of time and work into the design. Their unique idea for pattern publishing is a designer’s dream and I think it will help combat piracy.

I’ve been spending a lot of time there setting up my patterns. Still a ways to go.

Ribblr does look good, I’m signing up!

I finished a pretty little lightweight scarf!
The pattern is Empath Scarf made with a fingering superwash. Such gorgeous colors!


Wow just WOW!!

That’s very pretty!!

This is so pretty!

Lovely! :star_struck: