It's FiberKind's First Birthday! ?


Thank you all for making FiberKind the amazing crafting community we have become. This site is a safe environment where kindness rules and crafting occurs. Think about the past year – has your crafting grown? Have you explored new crafts, improved on known crafts, and made new friends? THAT is what makes FiberKind a success and I look forward to seeing what we will grow to be.


I know everyone is excited to see what is in store for FiberKind, and @HeatherAthebyne has been working tremendously hard on getting SkeinLink, a new program she has designed, up and running for us. We are working towards integrating SkeinLink into FiberKind. SkeinLink can also run independently of FiberKind. SkeinLink will provide a space for you to input and manage your stash, as well as a place to keep track of your projects.

There are still a few things to iron out, but we are ready for testers for SkeinLink. If you wish to be a tester, please send me an email at with the email you wish to log into SkeinLink with.

You can also preview SkeinLink if you would like.


We have quite the birthday blanket in progress – have you seen the finished squares? If you haven’t joined in yet, we invite you to join in at FiberKind’s First Birthday in our community events section. I look forward to seeing all of your finished squares and seeing the finished project. One lucky person will win the blanket. This event is open to worldwide members. If, due to shipping restrictions, you cannot get your blocks to the US in time, please let me know and we’ll extend the deadline.


Webhosting, software and other costs are paid for through donations made by our members, and through seller advertising and affiliate advertising. Our goal is to fund FiberKind through affiliate and vendor advertising. If you are a vendor, please consider advertising on FiberKind. If you need crafting supplies, please consider using our direct advertisers and affiliate links.

Thank you to all who have donated to keeping FiberKind running. All administrators and programmers are volunteers – we all believe in FiberKind and are happy to do it. Donations go directly to funding the website and not “salaries”. If you would like to donate, I have created a for donations, or you can use the donation button at the bottom of the screen.

Thank you again for being part of the FiberKind Family.

On a side note - we have achieved almost 20,000 posts here on FiberKind! Keep up the crafty chatter!!!

Thank you, @Char and all who work behind the scenes to make this such a wonderful place :heart::heart:

Wow! 20,000 posts! Very impressive for our first year! Thank you, @Char for all you and others do to keep this going!!