Is there something in the water?

I am 59 years old, seen a lot of things in my lifetime both good and bad. Right now I have never seen so much dissent, anger, rage, lack of listening, interrupting, and such a lack of basic respect that I am stunned. I mean lots of us left “R” because of the general tone and lack of respect, another one of my lists has blown up. Twice now. They have had to shut down the comments. I know politics right now are the worse they have ever been. It seems like no middle ground and it is so distressing. I don’t keep up with local, city, state, national and international news. This is something I use to take pride in. I don’t believe the media and I have been in situations where they got it wrong. No I am sorry, or retraction, while I love sites like this, I don’t snap-chat, insta-gram, and don’t know all the acronyms, nor do I care to.

I feel rather anxious, not only because of the lack of civility but the tenor going into the next election. A group of women has noticed a change in the dynamics of our knitting group. We now do not discuss R, politics(to some extent), and yet these are important topics. (R maybe not so much.)

Where are we going? As a country, a people? Are we going over a cliff? Should I learn to can? buy MREs? a water purifier. I got the wool! Back East businesses were given emergency kits, I wonder why, don’t they have that already and why is the local/state giving out these things. What do they know that we don’t?

My friends are all into some type of conspiracy. I love them dearly, disagree quietly, and wonder just what is going on.

What are your thoughts.

Why not? Why WOULDN’T you be prepared?

Knowledge is free. Buy a few books, watch some YouTube videos, and learn how to grow food, and how to preserve food through canning, dehydrating, and freezing.

MRE’s are terrible, especially for older people. Too much sodium. Start a prepper pantry. Buy foods you like - stock up on things that have a long shelf life - then rotate them in your diet. Add some sprouting seeds such as mung beans, alfalfa, and broccoli to your supplies for sprouts and microgreens. Grow a tray of lettuce or mixed greens on a sunny windowsill.

A water purifier is good. We have a Berkey, and I filter all my drinking and cooking water simply because it tastes better. But you need to HAVE water. 1 gallon per day per person for drinking, cooking, and cleaning is the recommended amount to store in case of emergency.

I have lots of thought about this. I’m a dyed in the wool introvert who loves people in limited doses and preferably one or two at a time so it’s pretty easy for me to disconnect from what society is becoming. My heart was broken by my recent exodus from a certain fiber related website but as time has passed, I’ve started to realize it was all basically digital 1 and 0s. Yes, there were real people at the other end, but not really real. In an emergency situation in real life those others would be off the table. I realized the futility long, long ago of trying to change somebody’s mind on the internet about anything and pretty much in real life too. I take comfort in the belief that I don’t have to try to control this situation. Not my monkeys, not my circus. Once I got my head around what I think is really going on right now, I relaxed. I do like to try to understand the situation, in my own mind. This place is so sweet and I’ve had such pleasant interactions so far. I’m just taking it one day at a time and seeing what happens. Life didn’t come to a screeching halt when I could no longer digitally track my projects, stash, patterns, and plans. In fact, it was unexpectedly freeing. I feel so much happier now. I wish you and everyone peace of mind. I think seeking peace is going to become an art form in the days ahead.

“I think seeking peace is going to become an art form in the days ahead.” —Raine

@Admin got it right with this morning’s “anthem”: Just Be Nice.

Personally, analyzing the current situation, I think Big Media (both sides) makes money off of keeping us all agitated. Both sides sell outrage, and we’re becoming addicted to it because it produces an adrenaline high.

The trick is to detox. Unplug. Spend time in nature. Turn off the Outrage Machine.

Gotta share something with you along this vein:
In my last coherent phone conversation with TheMum, who passed last November at 104 years and 5 months . . . in my last coherent conversation I said, “Mom, in the beginning was the Word. What word do you have for me?”

She immediately replied, “Comfort and Joy.”

That is now my watchword for each and every day going forward. And I pass along dear Ivy’s wish to each of you: Comfort and Joy.
Seek both; the rest will follow.

I am a Christian, so I see this as us being near end times. How near, I hadn’t a clue. Revelations warns us of all these things. So it will just continue to get worse.

We aren’t preppers, because we don’t feel we will be here when an apocalyptic thing hits. But, we probably should be prepped to an extent and start working on some basics. It would be smart for all to do that. Netter safe than sorry. Once we are gone there will be others raiding houses for stuff and whatever we leave behind they will find to use, barter, and survive off of, so it will help someone at some point.

Anyway, it’s hard not to stress. But we can’t change anything. Gotta take care of yourself and your family, and those around you as you are able. That’s about it for us.

eta: the water issue is a huge one. In years past when multi state outages have happened, that’s just a small taste of what can happen.

Condolences on your dear mother’s passing, I know the feeling… I had used Instagram, Pinterest, and Rav, as well as FB for little breaks during my day, but then, one by one, I deleted each. Finding I’m much more productive on things that matter more than anything I was reading/seeing on those platforms. I am looking forward to the building out of Our Unraveled so I’ll once again have some pleasant knitting/spinning info & browsing without all the spin and political advocacy I had to endure with on Insta and Rav!

@patty - I’m full of optimism. I’ve seen younger people’s tweets, a walkaway movement and other things that made me wonder if a new generation was rising that hungered for facts and longed to think for itself. I’ve personally witnessed this in real life with some younger people and it makes me so happy!

If a site or a news source drains me, I stop watching, clicking or listening. I do a quick check for headlines and then try my best to log off and get busy with my own life. I truly think most Americans feel this way. I think if you truly care about “your side” (and it doesn’t matter what side for the sake of this post) then it’s up to you (and up to me) to be the kind of person others will want to associate with.

I’m trying to take time every day to connect with at least one person in real life just for the sake of the connection. Sometimes it’s just a big smile that’s returned but it makes me feel like I’m part of real community.

This forum has been a breath of fresh air too.

YOU are a breath of fresh air, as well, Runner5.

I’m a follower of Christ too. I’m still full of optimism. I think the rising hatefulness we’ve seen helps others decide what they want to be part of. In some ways, it’s easier to discern now. So I really want to live in a way that glorifies the Lord.

I’m not a prepper. We are learning to grow vegetables but it’s a lot more about being able to eat fresh food that hasn’t been sitting on a truck for weeks before we get it. We stopped getting sick when we stopped eating processed foods so it’s made a huge difference in our lives. I haven’t had a cold since 2004, got off my meds, etc. I would love to ilve in the county so we could have chickens but that’s a DH battle I haven’t been able to win.

Yes, this!

I do think that those more conservative lefts will jump ship from the extremist lefts to something less extreme.

My thoughts have always been that it will get so bad at some point that people will start having better morals because the immorality is so revolting. We are getting there when governments are killing full term babies after birth and all that stuff as of late. Just my feelings on what’s going on.

I’m a Christian too but I still stockpile, so we’re prepared. We lived through hurricane Sandy, 8 days without power. I think it’s because my grandmother and mother grew up in the depression and we always had a pantry that was full. I usually have a garden but since my cancer diagnosis in 2017, consequent surgery and chemo I started one last year but couldn’t keep up with it. This year I decided to just be lazy! I find it most disturbing that we are held hostage by sites like “R” - you can only express yourself if you agree with the ideology (so much for tolerance) yet they still allow some very hateful patterns on their site. It was great while it lasted but as I mentioned, I don’t like being held hostage and unable to express my feelings. I’ve never been disrespectful to anyone on that site and I did write to the owners over their policy but, of course, to no avail. My suggestion was to just make it a politics free site. As the president of our knitting guild I had to actually do that during the pink hat protests and some people left the guild because I was not going to have an all out brawl over differing opinions (which we all have). We are not a social studies or civics group, we are there to discuss and share something we all like - knitting! Sad they left but there’s nothing I can do about that. It was an across the board decision, plain and simple, no politics, no matter what your position is. I’m hoping this site will grow and eventually have much of what Ravelry has. I tell EVERYONE about this site. I hope some of the designers hop on over here too. It would be nice to see this site have the ability for members to sell their patterns here too. If I buy patterns now, it’s usually off Etsy and I refuse to buy patterns from those who feel the necessity to express their agreement with R’s policies - bully for them but once again, it’s supposed to be about the designs, not your political ideology - their loss - I refuse to buy no matter how much I like the pattern if they express their ideology. I don’t write them or contact them as I feel it would be futile, I just don’t purchase from them (my own little form of protest LOL).

And, if you are not aware, there is a conservative alternative to FB also that is growing without the censorship FB has, naturally I joined LOL.

The bible says it will be “As in the days of Noah” and I think we’re pretty much there! It also says Christ will return lest we destroy ourselves and we are certainly doing that now. You don’t need to be a follower of Christ to have morals but you do need someone to teach you right from wrong and I think the left has gone so far over the edge they don’t believe what they are doing is wrong thus we have a generation of young people who think anything goes. I find it terribly sad and I dread the society my grandchildren and great-grandchildren are growing up in. My advice to people with children now would be - home school. Even when my children were in high school I could see the left wing liberal teachers trying to indoctrinate them - they are there to teach, not indoctrinate them with their own ideology. I’m sorry I didn’t home school my own children!

@Darbost, is that mewe? The alternative site?

And by morals, I mean right and wrong as you pointed out.

We homeschool. Where did times change when people kept private who they voted for. I graduated high school in 1991. At that time, it was always a secret. Teachers didn’t dare share. Much different than today.

My oldest is at the local community college now. Holy cow. She gets attitude from art teachers over liking to draw Chickfila cups.

I think it’s easy to think of the times we live in as the best/worst for various reasons. I would like to remind people that in 1856 Representative Preston Brooks used a cane to beat Charles Sumner very nearly to death in the Senate Chamber. People all over the country responded by sending a new walking cane to Brooks. As rough as the rhetoric is now - and I blame most of that on the anonymity of social media - there is nothing going on to rival Bleeding Kansas.

Thanks for the reference to MeWe. Looks really interesting!

I had been part of ‘r’ for over a decade. About 7 years ago I noticed the nastiness and trolling in the groups. I stopped going to any group, not worth the drama it created. I just found myself being sucked into a black hole and did not want to be a part of it. It is my belief that most of these trollers would not have the guts to say what they write to my face. I believe they are empty inside and need to fill that hole with the chaos they create. But I also believe that we must not be afraid to politely and factually express ourselves. Today I ordered my Rush Limbaugh ‘save Betsy Ross’ flag’ tee shirt. I saw him on TV today and he has sold over 200K in 4 days, and donated 1.2+ MILLION to the Tunnel to the Towers fund from the profits. Small step, but would any liberal group/commentator do that? I mean this is not a money maker for him, it is a fund raiser. Can you imagine how many will be sold over the next 4 weeks and the millions of dollars donated to our First Responders that still need our help? We need to be courageous and an example of what we stand for and believe. That is what I am striving for in my life.

I just want to say what a bunch of wonderful people you all are. I’m happy to be here. I could care less if our opinions ever differ because it is all taken with respect. That’s how it’s supposed to work.

No it’s Codias but I’ll definitely check out mewe!!!

For many years my HUSBAND didn’t know who I voted for LOL. I really never knew until I got older what affiliation my family had with any political party so you’re right, it was kept quiet. I graduated in 1964 so you know it was far more secret than in 1991. It was like the CIA, KGB, and FBI all rolled into one!

It’s really sad the grief students get if they express their conservative views. Berkley, the bastion of free speech has fallen, that’s for sure. At first folks thought it was a good thing and Berkley was noted for it’s free speech. It has now been silenced if you’re a conservative. I’m just sick over what has happened in this country. The violence, the language, the destruction of property - for what? It proves nothing other than these folks are violent and care not a wit for other people’s property IMHO. There are far better ways to protest than being vile, violent, and destructive. I never experienced what these kids have to deal with in my teen years or even as a young adult.

Yes, if we all had the same opinions what a boring world it would be. We can agree to disagree without being hostile. It’s called being civilized :slight_smile:

Wish me luck today. I am still thinking about going to my fiber group today, which hasn’t gotten together since all this craziness started. The group is a wild mix of ‘old’ hippies, millennials, different races, openly gay men (have no idea about the women) and people that had the need to wear safety pins after Trump was inaugurated. To be honest until now I never really thought much about it, the group is wonderful. I hope it stays that way!