I am a crochet enthusiast

Hello everyone, I am a crochet enthusiast, I love handmade products, especially crochet, I have made crochet hats, blankets, bouquets, home decoration, etc. I hope I can share the joy of crochet with you here. , to exchange crochet and works together, thank you!

@Blingcute Hello and welcome to FiberKind! We have several crochet enthusiasts here, so you will fit right in to our very friendly group. If you have any questions as you look around, don’t hesitate to ask. :fk:

Welcome to Fiberkind! This is the friendliest place on the net, you’ll love it here.

Will you guys share your crochet work? finished product or pattern

Hi @Blingcute and welcome. If you scroll down the main page of Fiberkind you will see the various basic forums with sub-topics. There are also Groups for crochet-lovers, that you may join . Our fearless leader @Char describes these things in her Now What? post , Fiberkind also has a Virtual Yarnies group that meets on Zoom Friday afternoons (and occasionally other times.) To get the Zoom link for the meeting you need to respond to the invite during the week so that you will get a personal invite in your MESSAGES on Friday. All are welcome! We love to get to know people and share the joy and love of all things fiber-related. Also, if you just like to see what’s going on at Fiberkind, there is a Latest Posts tab underneath the FORUMS tab. In general though, you will see anything and everything in the Monthly Community Chatter Thread.
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Happy Stitching,

@Blingcute There is a group for free patterns that has been quiet for a bit, but you may find some patterns there. Feel free to revive it if you have something you’d like to share.