How To’s and FAQ's

I thought it would be nice to have a section of How To’s that might be helpful to all. If you notice a question that is often asked, please post it here, with a clear tutorial of how to do it.

If we can keep chatter to a minimum (say as “comments” only, not new posts) it will help everyone find their answers easier. :o

How do I add a picture?

The easiest way to add a picture is by using the “upload attachments” button:

If you do not have an “upload attachments” button you can click the paper clip at the top of the screen.

From here you should be able to find your photo.

put your cursor where you would like the photo to appear and select the size of the photo you want in that position:

The photos here are size medium. :slight_smile:



@Char I just wanted to say that I think this is a great idea! Especially as the site grows and changes, this will be a good thread to refer people to. Maybe one day we’ll be able to have a wiki or help section. A help group might also be a good idea as we grow. I’m willing to help with any of this, so please message me if you need help.

How do I add a signature line to my posts?

Adding a signature line takes place in your user profile settings. First, click on your name in the top right hand corner of your screen:

Then click on User Settings:

there is a menu - on a computer they are tabs at the top of the white box, on a phone there is a drop down menu. Select “Account”.

about half way down the screen you will see “Conversation detail options:

Select the edit post signature and create away!




How do I add text to a picture?

You can add text to a picture so that when someone mouses over it you can see the details of that picture.

Click on the Camera Icon, Click on Upload, select your picture, type in your text, and your picture is now added. See my picture below as an example.

Let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:


Char edit:
Here are some pictorials that might help!



I am getting an error that says I am not able to view a page - what does this mean?

There are three things that could have happened - none are your fault.

  1. You may be following a link to a deleted post. Maybe it was a duplicate or an unintended post that is now gone.

  2. If you were searching our website the search may have “timed out”. We have extended the length of the search times, however if it is still a problem let us know and we’ll come up with a solution.

  3. You clicked on a link to a group you are not a member of, if you’d like you can join the group to see the posts.

I closed the thread so we can keep it just FAQ posts, if someone has one to add hit up one of the mods or me and we can add it!

My notifications have disappeared. How do I get them back?

What is happening? The systems assumes if you are in a topic where the notification references you have seen the comment or like that it references and marks it as read.

Click on Notifications at the top of the screen

Click on notifications again

Down below is a “filter” drop down - click on filter, then select the radio button for both:

Click the word filter down again to make it go back up. Then all of your notifications return - including the ones the system assumes you saw.





What is the difference between a reply to a topic and a comment?

A reply to a topic creates a new entry - do you see the #9 up at the top of this box? I am creating a new reply to the topic.

In this photo you can see a space between the original post and the reply box? This will add a new entry to the topic after clicking the post button.

Sometimes we need an easy way to run a random number generator for prize drawings etc and the person doing the drawing prefers only specific items, such as a finished object picture, be a new post and comments on those works of art be as a comment to the post not a new post.

(As a side note, adding a comment instead of a new post also helps readers understand what your comment is referring to.)

To make a comment instead of a new post, first click on the three dots on the original post, then click on comment (a PC or tablet may spell out the word “comment”):

This brings up a box for you to text your comment in - see how it is attached to the original comment?:

After you click post, your comment is attached to the original post and not a new post within the topic - it shows as a
2.1, making a random number generator easier when chatter isn’t included as an entry.





@crosstitchlinda - here is a tutorial - does that help??

@rubyyarn does this help? This is what I use all the time. :slight_smile:

@pinesprairie does this help? :slight_smile:

@Char could you add something here on how to post a link in a forum post? I tried copy and paste of a pdf but it didn’t work. Thanks much!

How do I post a link?

First, copy the web address you would like to link.

(Optional) If you would like, type something meaningful about the website.

How To’s and FAQ’s

Hilight the words you wish to have the hyperlink


  1. Make sure the A is clicked at the top right of the box
  2. click the … to expand the menu options
  3. click the chain link

The following screen shows up. Paste the link in the box and click OK

Your link should appear or the words describing the link should have changed color. It will be clickable after you post.





Done. :slight_smile:

Thank you!