Holiday Design Contest!

[SIZE=18px]Holiday Design Contest! [/SIZE]

Fiberkind is sponsoring a contest for designers!

Who: YOU – If you are a designer, or have a design you would love to try, this contest is for you

When: Saturday September 14, 2019 through Sunday November 17, 2019

Where: Fiberkind – the “Design Author Services/Support” section

Theme: Winter Holiday - Any holiday, any culture from Dec. 1st through Feb. 28th.

OK – Here’s the rules:
How we will determine winners: A poll will be set up for each design entered. The entire Fiberkind community will be able to vote on their favorite design.
There will be a category for each design type of craft (Knitting, Crochet, Sewing (and textiles) and Other (Macrame, Braiding, Weaving, whatever other pattern related crafts we might have).

Why: Fiberkind has announced the following prizes:
First Place: $100 and a free advertisement for one month on the community page.
Each Category winner will get one month of free advertising on the community page.

The winning pattern will be available exclusively on the Fiberkind Marketplace for 1 month from the announcement of a winner. The designers will retain full rights to their patterns.

Designers need to enter a pattern with the following terms: [LIST=1]

  • It needs to be tested by members of Fiberkind
  • Tests should be held solely in the Fiberkind Community - can utilize private invite-only groups
  • The pattern should be a new creation, please do not enter existing works, the goal is to work together as a community to generate new designs.
  • Testers should post the following summary after being completion:[LIST=1]
  • Final staged photo
  • Which material used
  • How much material used
  • Estimated time taken
  • Difficulty rating of design [/LIST] [/LIST] The entries will consist of a "listing" for the project which includes all information that would be listed when placing the pattern for sale. The Fiberkind community will vote on a winner for each category, then an overall winner for the contest.

    The contest details are still being refined, this post is subject to change until the contest begins, we request designers do not start production work until the start date of the contest.

    We are open to feedback and refinement of contest details while we iron out some of the finer points (timeframe for voting, announcement etc).

    Design Contest.jpg

  • YAY!!! I’m excited!


    This sounds intriguing! I have never designed anything before, but I might give it a try. Does the test knitting need to be done during this time frame as well?

    Yes, the testing should be completed during the time frame mentioned in the first post. :slight_smile:

    Where do we post the design project?

    I have an idea, but not sure how festive it would be… My colour choice isn’t very holiday-y but this sounds super fun. How theme specific do we have to be? Is a name with a holiday theme enough? Knit as a gift?

    The goal is for designers to create patterns for things holiday related. But - it is open to any holiday in any culture from 12/1 to 2/28.

    This does start today!!! I am just waiting for Admin to create an official category for the contest. Once we get that, we’ll lay out what is next. Admin needs family time too, and it’s above my pay grade. Lol. Thank you for your patience!

    This is a landmark moment for FiberKind! Everyone, please start sharing this announcement, and your designs in progress, on social media. Let’s spread the word about this wonderful site and this awesome opportunity for our designers!! :):slight_smile:

    I would like this twice if I could! Lol

    I see you started your topic - do you have everything under control @SDMcDaniel?

    What fun! I look forward to taking part!

    I am not a designer by any stretch of imagination, but I would love to be a tester! I love casting on a new project! Like sitting in a brand new car for the first time! :hugs: