Helpful online tools

I found this yardage calculator today. Thought I would share.
Basic and easy to use.

Anyone else have a helpful on online tool.

The website allows use of this info.
"Feel free to show this free calculator on your website or blog. "

For the inkle band weavers out there! I use this to design my own bands.

@hereami --thanks for sharing the yardage calculator. That would be so handy to use, especially since I spin yarn and sometimes wonder how much I need to make a sweater or some project. Gonna’ bookmark this one!

Online tool…You can download “5 Basic Shawl Shapes” cheat sheet for KNIT SHAWLS. (there are 2 cheat sheets available. one for knit flat, one for knit circular)

Has anyone found such a cheat sheet for Crochet Shawl Shapes???

@hereami thanks much for this link - I will find this tool to be very helpful. I don’t know of a cheat sheet like this for crochet, but I will keep my eyes open for something similar.

Thanks for sharing! I love to knit shawls and this is so handy! Saving this one!

@knitter131 , @rkennell
So glad you both like it. I printed off the copies and put it into my shawl binder. (so I wouldn’t have to try to find it later.)

I’ve just published a blog post that shows a cheap and easy way to film yourself crafting. This would be useful if you’re taking an online class from a craft teacher, such as learning to knit or crochet. I show how to use a repurposed, plastic peanut jar, some thin cardboard, clear packing tape, and a few magnets to make a tripod for your smart phone camera.


Thank you Cheryl!

That looks like a great DIY! I haven’t tried it but it looks like an easy thing to make. I think I have everything I need too!

I love this!

This is a really nice online charting program I have used a lot
There is a free version with all the basics and a paid version with more features.

Yes, I like this one! It is truly a useful tool.

That is cool.

Yes - I use it too. :slight_smile:

This looks super handy! Thank you for posting this!!!

@pinesprairie, Glad you like it. Please let us know when your tripod is finished. If you can post a photo, that would be even better.

@FreedomLover, Thank you! I hope you give it a try.

@Char, Thanks. I’ve made over 30 YouTube videos with this set up. They’re on my YouTube channel.

@Sommerfugl This is the first time I have ever played with a chart program. I love this. I am going to make sure to save this link. Thank you so much for posting it here.