Hello, I'm Priscilla King

The writer known as Priscilla King since 2006 also knits. Politically independent, probably annoy everybody but not enough to be banned for political posts, routinely shadowbanned on Twitter for anti-corporate-product posts. (For more than you probably want to know about Glyphosate Awareness, visit my blog, priscillaking.blogspot.com. I promise not to bang on about that here.)

I was steered here by Deplorable Knitter. I don’t have a camera that photographs my one-of-a-kind hand knits well, can’t afford to shop online, and don’t expect to do more here than I do at Ravelry–occasionally lurk, download a free pattern, mostly check for updates from people whose patterns I hoard…

But there’s a REASON for hoarding patterns! Someone might want to commission a project based on a professionally printed pattern! It’s NOT like hoarding old newspapers or shoes…


Hello. Welcome to Fiberkind.

Please feel free to look around and ask questions. There are so many wonderful and knowledgeable people on here who are eager to help in any way they can.

A lot of us join together in the Monthly Chatter section.

Hello, Hereami! Nice to meet you; thanks for reaching out.

Nice to meet you. :wave:t3: I am the same with patterns, I have far more than I will ever possibly use, but you never know which one will be just perfect for something in the future! :grin:

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Welcome! You will find the people very kind and welcoming - I hope you enjoy it!

I am a crocheter and don’t knit (yet), but I, too, have faaar too many patterns. So many that I have them organized by into 6 large categories from A-F, then by category of project, then into yarn weight!

Luckily, at least digital patterns can be hoarded in an invisible location on my computer, not in a closet!!


Yes, very convenient!

Yes. Sometimes when yarn goes on sale it’s just the right color for one of those patterns…oh well, the last time that happened it was the wrong thickness, but I had a pattern for something else to make with that lovely half-price yarn!

On Ko-fi I’m building a gallery of photos of pieces of large projects, sweater sleeves and afghan patches, knitted as samples. People can then order me to finish the project I had in mind, or use the yarn for something else, if they want to pay…It makes the yarn and pattern hoard look more sensible, anyway. Any day now someone may order a sweater.

That’s an interesting way to use Ko-fi. I have one set up for some other non-fibery game-related work I do but haven’t looked around too much at the features. What’s the link to yours?

It’s https://ko-fi.com/priscillak .