Hello from Wales

Hi everyone,

I’m reslly excited to be a part of this community. I live in rural id-Wales, UK, with my husband of 36 years and our border collie, Jasper, who is also my craft and writing buddy.
I’ve knitted and crochet since the age of four, so that’s around fifty years now, but I’m learning all the time. I’m also a machine knitter witha couple of manual knitmaster machines and also a Passap E6000 with a motor and computer link. At the moment, crochet is my go to yarncraft. I’m an author, and I need something to keep my hands busy when I’m not writing or reading.
I’m also a grandma to ten little people, with another three due in our family by the end of the summer. They range in age from 10 then we have a five year gap before there are nine more aged five yrs to five weeks!
I’ll have a go at almost anything, recent requests have been prayer shawls, super mario amigurumi and red fox pillows!
Now looking forward to moo hing around the forums and seeing what you are all up to.


Welcome Ruth!

@Snugazbugz Welcome! 10 grandchildren!! Lucky you!!

Welcome aboard! It sounds like you need something else to fill your spare time! :wink: We look forward to hearing from you–with all your experience, I’m sure you’ll have lots of good input! With 10+ grandkids, you must have plenty of opportunities to knit and crochet things!

Welcome Ruth, I look forward to seeing some of your projects.

Welcome to FiberKind, Ruth! Glad you decided to join us :fk::fk:

Welcome, Ruth! It sounds like you have a growing team of grandkids to make things for! What fun! I only have one grandchild but she is extremely “knit worthy” for sure. :slight_smile: If you have any questions as you are browsing things please feel free to reach out.

Welcome & Howdy Ruth!

We continue to grow with each new member. Please feel free to share your projects. I bet you could help some of us out with your experience too!

Welcome to Fiberkind @Snugazbugz! This is such a friendly community, I’m sure you’ll love it here. I look forward to hearing more about you and your family, not to mention seeing some of the wonderful things you make. Someday I hope to visit your beautiful country.


Hi Ruth I’ve always wanted to visit Wales.

Hopefully you will be happy here. Tell all your friends!!

Welcome! I can’t wait to see some of your work! Glad you joined!:yarn::fk:

Oh yes I do… in my spare time I’m writing a book and researching and writing a PhD!! :crazy_face:
My yarncrafts keep me going when the words get stuck :slight_smile:

Wow–hats off to you!

Wow! You’re quite busy!