Have you found a way to manage your projects, your knitting que, etc?

I forgot that I had set up a personal wiki right after #Rexit.

I finished a sweater and picked up DH’s sweater vest. I couldn’t remember where I was and am using Barbara Walker’s Top Down book. I found the wiki when I was searching my hard drive to see if I had started a spreadsheet on it or something.

I love that the wiki is mine. It doesn’t run on a platform and no one can yank it out from under me because I want to vote for Zoolander or something.

I don’t love how fiddly it is. I keep thinking Evernote may be a better solution. But EN is stored in the cloud on their platform. I may just stick with fiddly.

How are you handling this?

For now, I’m glad I have my notes and can finish knitting his sweater vest. He’ll need it by mid-November probably.

I started with Evernote, but I don’t love that there is only one view option. It makes it difficult to easily find a single item in that particular notebook. So for now I’m using Airtable because they have a gallery view option. I can customize and easily change what info shows up on the cards and then click over to a larger more complete view. I can also link my stash entries to project entries. Yes, it’s an online platform, but I also like that I can download all of my info into a spreadsheet. I’m hoping that will make it easier to move that info here if we do get project pages.

Here’s are a couple of screen shots. I have tab for projects and one for stash.



I never heard of it and I agree - it does look well suited for managing projects, stash and probably even a que. I’m off to do a search.

@runner5 Someone on here suggested it (I think on our first platform) and it’s working well for me. There have been other suggestions as well, but I can’t think of the thread names. I should have added that you can also upload from a .csv file. That’s how I got my stash on there (because I’d downloaded an excel file of my R stash before deleting my account) and then just added the photos that I had from R.

Sorry, no idea, but that is the funniest thing I have heard about all the R furore. Thank you for making me splutter my coffee :smiley:

I found it and I’m in. Thanks for mentioning it because it definitely has possibilities. I’ll keep playing with it !

@runner5 I should have included a link! Glad you found it.

I really like the look of that. I did start with HandBase because I have that on my i-devices but it’s quite ponderous. Off to have a look in the app store

Just found it - I notice that there is a 2gb storage for each base on the free version - do you exceed that with your pictures? Have you gone with the paid versions? I must say it is the most attractive option I have seen yet and I like the relational database feature so you can link your stash - did you import the stash from excel?

@Bunyip I haven’t exceeded the 2 gb, but then I also didn’t upload the project info from all of my previous projects. I’m sure I would have exceeded the quota if I had. Also, I kept my pictures as smaller files than normal. (I had downloaded my pics from Rav which had already downsized them.) That said, the free version doesn’t have enough capacity for me to store all of my past projects with photos, but it will do for now.

I’ll note that I really love the functionality and ability to change layouts, but I would prefer if we could move listings between tabs and still keep the links. Since we can’t do that I’ve been listing my yarn info in the project notes and then deleting the stash listings for the yarns I’ve used up. It’s not a big deal, but I do miss the ability to mark the yarn “all used up” and have it go to a separate page. I was changing the status to “all used” to differentiate, but that wasn’t really working for me because the used yarns still showed up in searches/sorts.

I think a year ago I would have considered the paid version, but I’m really over the whole thing. It’s not like it’s helping anyone else and I can walk upstairs and see what I have.

Thanks Knitterlady13 - I kinda agree about the stash thing - I was erratic at best but had just got it all logged when I pulled the plug. A considerable amount has since found its way home to my place except it is mostly in a box en route Australia at the moment - I guess I should just re-enjoy it as I unpack it and maybe if I really feel the need I might log it I suppose! I am missing the project notes though and somehow have never quite got off the ground with the moleskin notebook I bought specially for purpose (also en route Australia!) nor the projects blog here nor the HandBase thing I tried.

@Bunyip I’m also really missing the project notes. I did get all of my project data off R before I left, so it’s all stored on an external drive. However, it takes some searching to find the project and notes. I had a lot of projects!

I’ve been pretty good about my stash. Haven’t really purchased much since leaving Rav except at our local/regional fiber festival. The only other yarn I purchased was some Cascade 220 to make Christmas stockings for my friend who is expecting twin grandchildren. I’ve been making stockings for every new family member so that she can keep their stocking tradition alive. (Her late-MIL used to make them…all identical.)

@knitterlady13 @Bunyip - Rumor has it something is in the works for our website :wink: Just a heads up. We’re making good progress “behind the scenes”.

@Char That’s great! I’ll look forward to seeing what materializes.