Has OU sparked an upsurge of your FOs?

So far, since I joined OU in July, here is what I have accomplished:

Participated in Spin de Fleece
Participated in 2 sock KALs during which time I have finished one pair of socks that had been languishing on the needles, knit a pair of socks for my granddaughter and pair of ankle socks for me from the leftover yarn and knit a pair of lace socks for myself.
Picked up weaving project in which only the reed was sleyed and finished my towel project including hemming, etc.
Wound a warp for a second set of towels
Learned how to do a Kumihimo braid.

WHEW! Happy to have some finished projects for a change.

Has anyone else experienced a similar increased interest and productivity??

@yarnforall Wow - that is quite a list - way to go! (of course I’m really shaking my pompoms for the socks you know!)

I have been knitting with wild abandon - trying new things, and loving it!!!

And - for the first time ever - I’m working on designing my first two pair of socks!

@yarnforall more knitting might mean more UFOs as well…

thank goodness we have a group for that too!

You have a point there!

Since joining OUR I have had a serious upsurge in cast ons! That said I did finish two children’s sweaters for one KAL and a pair of socks for another. Deadlines are good for me.

I find I am now motivated to plow through my UFOs…and I wish I’d stop finding ones I had forgotten about! It is like cleaning up the old house before moving to a new one. One project down, pick up another. Slowly closing the door…

I’d say you definitely are experiencing the same phenomenon!!

What a good thing!!!

Since joining OU, I have cast on and completed:

  • one prayer shawl
  • one pair of slippers
  • three pairs of socks
  • one scarf

I have one WIP:

  • watermelon blanket

And too many posts!

Thank you, @yarnforall

I’m probably knitting about the same amount since I already knit every day. However, I’ve found that I’m more motivated to finish my UFOs. I’m also more motivated to use patterns and yarn that I already own. Of course I’ll continue to buy yarn and patterns, but I feel like I’m more apt to purchase yarn for a specific pattern rather than just stashing…and stashing…and stashing.

I had been in a bit of a knitting slump, but I was sewing. Now my sewing has forgotten what I look like. :wink:

I like your posts!

Actually, I am finding the opposite, I am spending more time online! I like the atmosphere here, I like the “social” feel of OU and I feel free to ask and answer questions and join in conversations, which can be quite difficult on other sites. Some of them are great resources and full of information, but make me feel like I am butting into a private conversation.

I do feel more motivated, though, and when I had internet problems last week and couldn’t get online, I actually got several inches done of a lace stole that has been hanging around for longer than it really should. I have plans for some winter gloves coming up and there is some nice yarn lying in the cupboard that would make a lovely throw, so it is just a case of finding the time!

Thank you @FreedomLover !

So, I am reading that you are being more mindful in your knitting/buying pursuits! What a plethora of good things is coming from all of us being on OU!

I am spending a lot more time online for this site and a lot less time on Facebook!! Also a great thing.

Hmmm. I do feel like knitting more. I am trying to finish my son’s gigantic socks. 3/4 done now. I just cast on a sweater - from a pattern I bought here this month. Sweater and socks. Yes, I’m happy.
I can’t knit as much as I could years ago because of arthritis, and so I am enjoying very much the camaraderie here on OU.

I bought a pattern here too for a shrug! Not sure when I will start it. I am on a major sock roll right now. For small feet though, not gigantic ones. Those can be a challenge!!

@yarnforall Luckily these (size 12) are not for his younger brother with his size 15 feet! We have good-sized feet in this family.