General stash chatter

This thread is for talking about our stashes. If you want to show off that new yarn, fiber or fabric here is the place. If you want to talk about anything else please feel free.


This year I am counting each ball / skein out as 1 and I am not counting yarn in against that total.

So I am aiming for at least 100 skeins out, no matter the size. I might also try and track fabric although that is more difficult. I might possibly try and count 1/4 yard amounts.

I’ve been wondering how to count fabric …. Hmmmm

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You could even count by weight if you wanted.


That is an interesting idea…. I’ll probably do by the yard. I think I can find out the yardage equivalents for my precuts and such.

I’ve joined a declutter group. I’m going to removing a lot of things I just don’t “love”. A lot of stuff I don’t know what I was thinking. A friend is a school teacher I am planning to pass stuff along to - she teaches FACS and I think maybe her students could be interested. If not, I’ll find another spot to donate.

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I think I am going to count FO’s. Small project +1, sweater/large project +2. Stash in single skein-1, intentional project quantity -2.

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Sounds like a good way to count.

I bought four yards of fabric today for a young man’s graduation gift. He’s special, and very quilt worthy.

I have had in mind a quilt I wanted to make and happened to see the needed fabric today.

I’m glad to be in the stash busters as I think twice about buying anything. :blush:

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We’ve been very quiet. It seems like I’m the only one tracking how much I use up. I’ve been making baskets, double stranded. They eats lots of the old acrylic I still have.

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I am sorry about that.
I have been working away on my cross stitch blanket every day. Going thru lots of thread. That is not convenient to measure for this stash.

No real yard used in a while. Although I have made three baby hats.

Don’t mean to abandon this thread. I just didn’t think it would be interesting to post how many strands of 16 inch yarn I finished in a week.

I would love to see pictures of your baskets. Are they like Easter baskets, or house use baskets?

They are very large baskets. I’ll try and get some pictures sometime. I’m using them to store yarn for the class I’m teaching at the school.

Don’t worry about not posting, I was just wondering if I was the only one still interested. Your blanket sounds nice. I did a quilt with cross stitched squares a while ago. Let me see if I can find a picture.


I love this! I also love the straight line quilting. That is what I am going to need to do. Because I am a very new quilter.

If I have more grandchildren, I might have to go for this kind of design.
I had trouble remembering the name of and finding the cross stitch fabric that peels away.

I bought a different style blanket. But, they were hard to find and are getting expensive. I bought mine on sale at Joanns with a coupon. Otherwise it would have been about $70…unworked.

I need to take a pic of my progress and post it. Might post it in March Chat.

I am finding it difficult to track fabric yardage. I was doing pretty good…. Not sure why I am finding it difficult. I think it is just life and all of its stresses.

Maybe after I am through my surgery recovery (which is going great btw).

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No worries. Just glad the surgery went well.