Free Knitting Pattern: Sunglasses/Eyeglasses hat with eyelets

A friend asked me about a hat that would accommodate her sunglasses or eyeglasses without creating a gap which allows her temples to become cold. I made two hats and wrote out the patterns which I am sharing here with you. This hat has eyelet openings, the other hat has a double-layer cuff.

Toboggan Hat or Beanie with eyelet openings for sunglasses or eyeglasses

Knit in superwash sock yarn or cotton, this little toque is a comfy everyday hat, chemo hat, or helmet liner.

This minimalist hat is knit in the round, and primarily consists of 5x5 ribbing, with a column of eyelets at the side of each rib, to accommodate wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses. The hat is tapered with purl and knit decreases.

Skill Level:
This hat may be confidently knit by an intermediate knitter. Time estimate: 8 hours.
A highly motivated beginner may also complete this hat successfully, by patiently dedicating more time.

Cast on (Optional - Cast on in pattern: Knit, Purl)
Knitting in the round (Magic Loop method)
Knit stitch
Purl stitch
Increase, yarn over method
Bind off

CDD ā€“ Centered Double Decrease
K - Knit
K2tog ā€“ Knit 2 together (right-leaning decrease)
P - Purl
P2tog ā€“ Purl 2 together
SSK ā€“ Slip, Skip Knit (left-leaning decrease)
YO ā€“ yarn over

What you need:
Yarn: 1 skein of superwash wool sock yarn -or- leftover sock yarn from other projects
OR 2 skeins of cotton yarn

Needles: US size 4 (3.5 mm) circular needles or size you prefer for your yarn choice,
to obtain gauge of 5 stitches per inch, 6 rows per inch. To create a tighter knit fabric, use smaller needles and consider increasing the number of stitches cast on by 10, or multiples of 10.

Other tools:
Small scissors
Tape measure, gauge measure
Tapestry needle and/or crochet hook to weave in ends

Cast on 80 (90, 100) stitches. If possible, cast on in pattern for 1x1 ribbing.

Join, being careful not to twist work.

Rounds 1-3: Work in pattern of 1x1 ribbing: (K1, P1) 40 (45, 50) times.

Eyelet Ribbing:

Round 4-6: (K5, P5) 8 (9, 10) times
Round 7: (YO, SSK, K1, K2tog, YO, P5) 8 (9,10) times

Repeat Rounds 4 ā€“ 7 about 5 (6, 7) times.

Repeat Rounds 4 ā€“ 6 about 1 (2, 3) times or as desired.

Purl Decreases:
Round A: (K5, P2tog, P3) 8 (9, 10) times 72 (81, 90) stitches
Round B: (K5, P4) 8 (9,10) times
For larger sizes, Repeat Round B.

Round C: (K5, P2, P2tog) 8 (9, 10) times 64 (72, 80) stitches
Round D: (K5, P3) 8 (9, 10) times
For larger sizes, Repeat Round D.

Round E: (K5, P2tog, P1) 8 (9,10) times 56 (63, 70) stitches
Round F: (K5, P2) 8 (9,10) times
For larger sizes, Repeat Round F.

Round G: (K5, P2tog) 8 (9, 10) times 48 (54, 60) stitches
Round H: (K5, P1) 8 (9,10 times)
For larger sizes, repeat round H.

Knit Decreases:
Round I: (SSK, K3, P1) 8 (9, 10) times 40 (45, 50) stitches
Round J: (K4, P1) 8 (9, 10) times

Round K: (K2, K2tog, P1) 8 (9, 10) times		32 (36, 40) stitches
Round L: (K3, P1) 8 (9, 10) times

Round M: (SSK, K1, P1) 8 (9, 10 times) 		24 (27, 30) stitches
For larger sizes, Round N: (K2, P1)  9 (10) times

Round O: CDD 8 (9, 10) times				8 (9, 10) stitches
For larger sizes, Round P: K8  9 (10) times

Try on hat before finishing.

Leaving about 8 inches, cut yarn.
Using a tapestry needle or crochet hook, draw tail of yarn through final 8 (9, 10) stitches.
Using a tapestry needle or crochet hook, weave in ends.

Enjoy! ļŠ
sunglasses or eyeglasses hat with eyelets.pdf (338.9 KB)
2024-03-08 hat with eyelets for eyeglasses sunglasses 1 of 3
2024-03-08 hat with eyelets for eyeglasses sunglasses 2 of 3

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That looks awesome! Iā€™m going to have to try one for myself and for my son. We both wear glasses and hate getting that one spot of cold all the time!

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