About 5 year ago, I met a woman at the NJ State Fair (which starts this weekend…yay!). She had a loom,we chatted briefly, and went our separate ways. A few weeks later, we bumped into each other again at Millbrook Village, and chatted some more. We realized that we lived in the same community and ran in the same circles…

As it turns out, I had been turning spinning tops and I had a few pictures on my phone, so I showed her… she introduced me to Betty, who was more of a spinner and said “wouldn’t these make great drop spindles?” Betty about fell off her chair…

That’s how ForestLakesTreen was born. Almost.

I struggled with a name, and I was originally going to make spoons and other wooden kitchen focused craft. I could never carve an S, and so I started trying to figure out what I could do with straight lines. I live in Forest Lakes. Treen is an old word for woodenware. A conjoined FLT is easy. ForestLakesTreen was official. And then I started making spindles… and still couldn’t make an S…

So, a chance encounter, an inability to make a curved line with a knife and 5 years later…I’m still making these,even though 1/2 my audience is gone.




These are beautiful, @StevenAntonucci! I especially like the ones with the circles on the top. Very cool! :slight_smile:

Do you have a website?


Those are absolutely gorgeous!

I love those! That Golding guy had best watch out…

My Etsy shop is

It’s a little picked over right now, but I started making dots again over the weekend…

Thanks for all the positive comments.

Okay! Thanks! Keep up the good work!

Great story! Thanks for sharing.

Currently working on a bunch of these…

Done making and gluing dots…finally!


They’re very beautiful! :heart_eyes: