For our sellers


For our designers, and pattern and crafting goods sellers:

This marketplace section is for the benefit of FiberKind designers, whether your patterns are provided free or offered for sale, and crafting goods sellers. If you are a seller and wish to post your items for sale to this section, please send me a personal message, maybe a link to your website, lovecrafts or etsy store, etc and I’ll mark you as a seller able to post here. If you are posting free patterns and wish to upload your free pdf pattern, or link to your free pattern, send me a message indicating you wish to do this. An alternate website is not required for free pdf patterns (PDFs can be uploaded directly to the Free Patterns thread).

Shameless has approved our affiliate application, so that would be my preference as it will help support if buyers click the affiliate ad before they shop. I am also able to make a direct affiliate link to your lovecrafts pattern. Please send me a PM if you can support FiberKind in this way.

I want this section to be made up of OUR sellers, not simply patterns found around the web that you find intriguing. My hope is our members will come here first when looking for a pattern and will prioritize spending with FiberKind designers.

(If you find other interesting free patterns across the internet, be sure to share in the Free Patterns Group!)

I am guessing most designers would like their own thread to showcase their patterns, however for the ease of our members finding what they are looking for, I would suggest only having one thread per area. So, for example:

If you have a shawl pattern for sale, please post a comment in that already started thread. My thought is if they are all together in one thread, FiberKind members are more likely to find this area useful. They can browse the patterns they are looking for quickly and select the one they like the best. Consider using a tag to help folks find your patterns!

I can add categories as desired – I built this on what I am familiar with, but this is for YOU – so your suggestions and requests are welcome. If a category gets too “busy” and warrants breaking it out further (Say – shawls, fingering weight) I can do that, and move all relevant comments to the new thread accordingly. If we get enough patterns in a category to warrant separating them by designer, I can do that at a later time, and move all relevant comments to the new thread as appropriate.

If you like your special marketplace section, please consider donating to using the PayPal link below. :fk:

Now for the legal bits:

By using this section, you agree the patterns you have listed, free or otherwise, are your own designs. Those found to be in violation of copyright laws will not be tolerated and may be subject to immediate removal from

Any patterns listed should be in the spirit of the Forum Etiquette guidelines

All sales are between you and your customers, through your external site. FiberKind cannot be responsible for any reporting, taxes (sales, VAT, etc), shipping fees, etc.

@TexasPurl has a wonderful setup I thought might be useful as a sample:

Screen Shot 2020-02-04 at 7.09.14 PM.png

Thanks for getting this going, Char. Also, do you ever get any sleep? :wink:

Um - not these days!!! LOL

Especially since my “day job” is being an accountant - busy time of year!!