Etsy Shop Advice

Hello Everyone.
Several people have suggested that I get an Etsy Shop or something similar.

Wondering if any of you have such a shop and have any advice for a newbie.
I am sure all the basics are covered on the site.
How to set up an account. How to receive payment…how to tax purchases…etc.
But…I am still hesitant.
I am…perhaps afraid of the unknown.


Hi…I have had 2 shops on Etsy, one vintage and the other yarn. What do you plan on selling? And yes, the site has all the details on how to setup your shop and there are a TON of youtube videos as well

In order to get lots of views to turn into sales it takes a lot of time. You need to know SEO, you need really good pictures, you need to have Facebook and Instagram to send people to your site. Plus Etsy now gives preferential treatment to those who offer free shipping.

Then if you have someone complain about anything even those not under your control, i.e. shipping delays, packaging torn, etc. Etsy will shut you down in a heartbeat. Even if you have mitigated to the customers satisfaction, it does not remove the bad mark against your shop.

Plus Etsy is no longer all handmade or handcrafted. There is a lot of garbage made by sweat shops in China, Tiwain or the Philippines.

Just be very careful and fully investigate Etsy if you choose to go that route.

Everything Husker said about Etsy is true…however, if you are willing to put in the time, you can make sales. There are lots of successful sellers, but it does take commitment. I would suggest you take the time to watch YouTube videos on how to sell on Etsy as well as ones by sellers about their experiences. you are welcome to look at my fiber shop rollingeranch…let me know if I can help.