Dyeing with Candy

I wanted to share my experiments over here dyeing with candy canes, candy corn, and Autumn candy sprinkles. It was so surprising and very easy to do. I had lots of left over candy canes from last year (glad I didn’t toss them). Using 100% Peruvian Wool, fingering for all three candy test. About a gal of water with less then 1/4 cup vinegar in each batch. Add dry yarn with candy tucked in and placed in water bath. Heated just under a boil and simmered until dyes were exhausted. Did not take very long. Wash, rinsed and hung to dry. There was no sticky problems.

1st pic is candy cane, 2nd candy corn, 3rd is all three-- the small amount on bottom was the sprinkles which next time I will steam instead of emerge in water bath. It will have specks instead of solid colors. This would be such fun to share with the kids. :slight_smile:

IMG_0549 (2).JPG


IMG_0556 (2).JPG

That’s amazing! Does it smell good too?:smiley:

@Carlota Cooking it did but no candy smell after it was washed, no sticky either : )

@Fiber Passion That is good news! I guess dye is dye. But really the colors are lip-smacking lovely and truly resemble their source.