Disappearing Notifications

I am seeming to have some trouble with notifications. I may open my page and it says that I have 5 notifications. When I click on the notification link, it might reduce it down to 3. I have a feeling I am missing some of mine, as sometimes I will see a response to one of my comments that I was not notified about. Has anyone else seen this? I do realize that if you click on a notification link to a certain topic, the other notifications to that topic are dismissed as read, but this is a different issue.

I’ve had that experience, mostly on another site…but I have occasionally found a comment on one of my topics here that I wasn’t notified about. Hope it can be fixed easily.

Me too!! I am afraid people are thinking I am ignoring their responses.

Yes, but there was also another way to bring the notifications back.up. I forget exactly what I did, but it was something over on the left side I clicked on.

Here’s what to do.

Click on notifications.
Look at Message Center to your left.
Click on notifications under that.
You will then find an option to change your notifications filter. Then they won’t disappear.

I’m adding a pictorial to the FAQ’s right now!:wink:

@Hellokitten and @Char, thank you. I appreciate that information. Is there any way to make that filter change permanent?

Not at this time. I hope one day we can set preferences, but adding to the overall functionality is higher on the to-do list. :slight_smile:

@Char, right, I understand. I just thought maybe there was something I wasn’t doing right that was causing it.

Growing pains. In many ways it’s fun being in on this creation, isn’t it?

I certainly think so.