DBNY--Did they close?

I’ve been trying to access the DBNY (Discontinued Brand Name Yarn store) online for a couple of days, and I keep getting a message that the IP address cannot be found (I’m using the link from the Facebook page). An email I sent to their address just bounced back. Did they close? Or does someone know how to let them know I cannot get to the site?

Thanks! (NOT that I need more yarn . . . )

I called their number that appeared on their FB page and a web search - the phone number is out of service. Odd that they didn’t leave a message on their FB page or anything? Just stopped posted mid January.

I believe they closed in early February. Last I heard, she was selling on Ebay, but not under DBNY.

So very odd . . .

It’s strange they didn’t let people know. I wonder what happened.

I looked under her other names, Cherry Tree Hill and Potluck Yarns, and found her on Ebay: https://www.ebay.com/str/potluckyarn

Thank you! You have amazing sleuthing skills :).

I really miss DBNY! It’s a mystery how they just disappeared. I’d appreciate links to other sites where I can get good deals on small quantities of specialty yarns.

Have you looked at www.littleknits.com ? They’ve often got deep discounts, although sometimes the color choice is limited. But I’ve found many things there over the years.

I wholeheartedly agree with Little Knits. They also seem to be shipping currently (but they do ship slowly so patience is needed).

@jenericwhite Thanks for that link, I wasn’t familiar with them.