Custom-built dent reeds for your RH loom!!! Yes!!

Good morning! I am going to do some promotion for someone I discovered on a RH FB weaving group a few weeks ago.

I have a used LeClerc Bergere RH loom I purchased at the beginning of this year from FB marketplace, and I was so delighted at the price, but one of my main frustrations since buying it was the lack of dent sizes available. I have been looking all summer at different RH looms on FB, and am still considering a 32" one at some point, but for now, I was tickled to discover a gentleman who builds 3D reeds to multiple sizes and so I asked if he could make some for mine. He had never made ones for this particular loom, so I gave him some measurements from my existing loom and heddles and about a week later, they showed up in my mail! Another exciting thing is the option he offers to make a “Varident style” of heddle, where you can insert whatever size reeds you need! Here is a picture of a fixed heddle (not variable) that he made in a size 10 dent that I ordered. It’s working great! I also ordered a 2nd set of frames so I could do more double-heddle weaving.

I encourage you to check out his “bio” in his post yesterday and contact him if you’re interested in ordering from him. He also makes Shawl pins and other things!


Does he have a web site or just FB?

I don’t think he does a website. Just contact on FB? I just messaged him to ask. I’ll get back to you.