Crochet Is My Yoga

Is it just me or is there a problem with this group? I went to see what’s new and got a message there were no topics on the group, even though it was listed as having 7 topics. Have I clicked on the wrong thing or something? Or is there an ongoing board revamp?

Edit: it has just occurred to me there may be some connection with the Reddit issue, in which case my apologies, I’ll let you get on with sorting it.

It may actually be a setting in the groups. Please make sure when you go to the group you click on the “filter” button and make sure it says “all time”

I believe it defaults to “last month”, and there likely was not a new topic in the last month (although there are new posts).


This randomly happens to me in some groups. What I usually do is click through the tabs at the top of the page: Topics, Last Activity, subscriptions and photos. By the time I’ve cycled back to topics the content is there! Not sure why it happens and it sure is frustrating when it does happen.

Thank you, I’ll give it another shot.

Got in!


This is exactly what happens to me. I solve my issue the same way. Clicking through the options then when I return to the first one the content is there.

@Char I looked and my filter was already set at ‘all time’ and ‘all’ .

Weird that this happens, but so happy we have an easy workaround.

My filters are also set at “all the time” and “all”. Just one of those quirks I guess