Crochet Daisy Pattern (Beginner Level)

Hi everybody, I’m here to share with you all a super-easy-to-do crochet pattern: Sunflower.

If you want to start your crochet works today, let’s try this:

1. Sunflower Pistil

  • Round 1 (R1): MR, 6 SC.
  • Round 2 (R2): 6 INC.

2. Petal Flower

Join in yellow yarn.

  • 1st Stitch: 3 CH, DC, 2 CH at the top, and SL ST at the bottom.

  • 2nd Stitch: DC in next st, 3 CH, and SL ST in next.

Repeat around making 6 petals.

3. Finishing Touches

Complete your crochet sunflower by removing any yarn excess. Remember to tie the last stitch so that your work is tight.

Advice and Techniques:

  • Keep stable tension to get uniform petals. Your crocheted sunflower will look neater as a result.
  • Try modifying the textures of the yarn to achieve a distinctive finish. To make a unique sunflower, test the sunflower crochet pattern with yarns made of various fibers, including silk or wool.

If you prefer a visual guide, here is the video tutorial:

This is so cute.
Thank you for the instructions and the link.

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I’m glad that you love it :blush: I hope that the upcoming pattern release will also be useful for you.

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