Crochet Bowl Cozy

[SIZE=18px]Hi, Does anyone know of a crochet version of a bowl cozy? :)[/SIZE]

@Coniknits I’m not even sure what that is. Do you have a picture you can show me?

[SIZE=14px]Here ya go! http://amysastitchatatime.blogspot.c…t-pattern.html[/SIZE]

@TexasPurl Thank you!:slight_smile:

Love it! So now I have to make these too!!

I have a quilted one. Be careful, I use mine with soup and sometimes the bottom gets hot even with the padding from the ‘quilt’. I would worry that a single or even double layer of cotton would not protect a table or your hands enough.

I have made this one, it is a rav. download only though, or to my knowledge. I haven’t felted mine yet or really used it but I think you could just make it a bit wider for more standard bowl sizes.

Yes, the caution is warranted. I made a couple double stranded worsted weight cotton ones and they weren’t thick enough. It did work with 3 strands though. Here are a couple that worked for me.

This next one is easy to size so I ended up with a selection.