Chatter Thread - September & October & November 2021

Thank you, Woolfan.

You’ve certainly been through a lot. Prayers and cheers for you to hang in there.

Praying you get the rest you need and that the elbow replacement goes smoothly …

Hi all,

I wanted to let you know that over at Fiberkind Wizarding School we are working on a Christmas gift exchange activity. Right now, we are gauging participation interest, and also which activity people are interested in. You do not need to be a FWS student to participate! Please come on over to the school and vote!
(The link will take you to the Harry Potter Group on Fiberkind.)

I actually finished some spinning last weekend! And it reminded me about how important it is to take notes…not even good notes, but any notes at all!!! Seems I may have thought I’d remember after all of that spinning I did (way before SDF 2021.) Anyway, I think it worked out ok, I just wished I had been more organized. This is Stroll Sock base, which I dyed for the Less is More cardigan’s edging.


Love the color. I’m with you on the notes. I have a few WIP’s from a few years ago,I can’t remember what yarn I’m using or what pattern, UGH. I’m trying to get better (good luck with that).

Thanks, Carlotta and Spice2. I feel like this has been going on for years now, lol.

I got through my surgery, finally! I am back in a splint until the stitches come out November 8. Then I will try more knitting and spinning…I feel like I’ve been exiled to a faraway land, but I’ll be home soon!

So glad you are progressing :slight_smile: Count down the days until you can try more knitting and spinning … but in the mean time, you can fondle the yarn and fiber :slight_smile:

Hello all,

I wanted to let my spinning friends know that the Fiberkind Wizarding School group (Harry Potter group) is holding a Christmas Gift Exchange. If you are so inclined, we would love to have you join us!

You will find more information here.

Have a good one!


I am so glad! Don’t over do, but I look forward to having you back.

Thank you all. I am less tired than I was and that is really good. I plan to start exercising soon…I know I have been putting it off but I need to get going.

Is there a November thread? I worked spinning my silk for 10 minutes this morning and then discovered that part of the sliding hook is broken off. How did that happen?!? Lol. I may try some knitting in a few minutes. I start therapy tomorrow.

I think we’ll just use this one… maybe start a new one for December since November is 1/2 over :slight_smile:
glad you were able to do a little spinning :slight_smile: and knitting is great too ! :slight_smile:

Spinning wasn’t bad, but knitting didn’t work as well. I don’t have much control with the knitting. Hopefully that will change.

Part of my therapy…knitting is going better, I may try starting a π shawl and see how it goes.



Such a great photo (both of them really). What is the white thing on the baby’s arm? Love the crunched up expression… and the cowboy looking at the baby is so precious!

Thank you!
When he was first born they thought he had a blood sugar problem. I don’t know if that was to keep a needle ( what do they call it ) in his arm so they could draw blood when needed.

This is the silk sample I spun. It is a single and I want to knit something to see how it looks.


The colors are so pretty!