Chatter Thread - September & October & November 2021

Hello all, just a couple of days late … but here is your chatter thread for September and October 2021. :slight_smile:

Talk at your leisure :slight_smile: :gnome: :yarn: :cool:

I am so thankful to be feeling better. I still have a lingering cough and will continue to quarantine til next week (when I have surgery on the 14th). I’m told I am no longer contagious but I would rather not chance it. I would hate to think I spread this nasty stuff.

The other day I did try spinning for just a few minutes…and I could spin!! My movements are limited, but I’m very hopeful. I have not tried knitting yet.

So what are you all up to? Any exciting fall projects…Christmas projects? I am considering a spinning class online.

I wanted to say thank you again for the great Spin de Fleece prizes and allowing me to participate.

I just realized I had private messages from some of you. Thank you for the encouragement, suggestions and especially the prayers. I will be checking out the links and videos.

Well, I am trying to spin for almost the first time since SDF and I can’t find my orifice hook! It drives me crazy when I lose things, but really? It is always hanging from my wheel, and the wheel hasn’t really moved since I last did some spinning. Well, maybe I did spin the last time down at my little cottage and it got kicked under the couch! That’s the only thing I can think of. Or perhaps I tossed it into a knitting bag that I haven’t looked in for a couple of months??? The saga continues…

I found it! Go figure.


Do you have a crochet hook you can use instead ?

It isn’t that I can’t spin without it, it is just driving me insane not knowing where it is! I can get by with a bent paperclip for now!

I signed up for an online weaving class that has me weaving overshot. I’m very excited about it - so far, 4 little 9-inch square mats and lots of good practice. I can’t wait to try some fall colors but won’t be near a shop for another week or so. What is the general topic of your spinning class? That sounds fun too. Glad you are able to spin a bit - it is so absorbing. I’m thinking of how I can spin some yarn for an overshot weaving - will need it to be lace or fingering weight and so far I’m inconsistent at that grist. But it’s nice to have a goal. I also want to weave some candy cane towels for Christmas gifts.

Sorry if I missed a post, but what’s that purplish thing in your bag???

I have lots of bent paperclips now and it never upsets me when i lose them…it drives me nuts to lose the actual orifice hooks

It is a spinning class, “Back to Basics”. I never know how much detail I should post. I thought since I will be starting over (in one sense) that this may be a good time for it. you can zoom or wait til a more convenient time and watch the video.

Oh Allison, I hear you! The whole orifice hook thing can be a doozy to keep track of. I have already gone to the hardware store and bought wire to make a substitute one. I’m just as bad about misplacing threading hooks for my looms! I ordered a spare to keep handy. Glad you found it!

So happy you’re on the mend and are able to actually spin some! I think we fiber crafters are the world’s worst when we can’t do something with our hands! Keep us posted on your surgery progress. Sounds like a good time to take lots of online classes; by the time you’re healed up, you’ll be an expert!

We’re heading into harvest here on the farm, which means mostly being available to feed the guys dinner 2 or 3 nights a week. (I share the load with 2 SILs). So I’m hoping to get back into some serious weaving. I have towel orders that I haven’t touched in over a month but need to get done for Christmas orders! I’m also knitting a Shetland half-hap from the wool I spun during the last 2 SdF. I’m excited to get it done. Probably my biggest project so far, since some of it was a fleece I purchased and processed all the way.

Very pretty yarn in that hat!

That was a prize from @Char?? I think. It is MollyGirl Yarns-Rockstar in the Teenage Dream colorway!

Just received the fiber I acquired with the gift card from @Carlota , I so highly recommend Greenwood Fiberarts. This is a sock yarn base Superwash BFL/nylon.


Oooh, beautiful colors! Great choice!


Oh, that looks amazing!!! I think I better go check it out!!

I hope I’m posting in the right place. I hope this time when I say I’m doing better that I don’t slide back into the abyss. I’ve been back for another X-Ray and he plans to do an elbow replacement in two weeks. I’m so sorry if I’ve already said this. I have swelling in my fingers, hand and wrist now. I hope it doesn’t interfere with the surgery. I am still not myself…I’m very tired and cannot always think clearly. But no fever or other covid symptoms. I’m still not up to trying to knit, but I have tried spinning a couple of times. I’m not online much for now. Thank you again for all the prayers.