Cautiously Stepping Out On A Limb

Hi to all. I made the move to this site about a week or so ago and I would like to say that after mostly “trolling”, making a couple of comments and reading all the different topics and posts, I have truly enjoyed seeing all the different projects everyone has done. I love to see all the talents everyone has! Thank you for setting this up!

Although I have some computer skills, I have zero social media and learning how this all works has truly made my head spin more than once…but I’m getting it. And I hope to be a little more active here.

I’ve been crocheting on and off since I was 6. Afghans, doilies and filet crochet are what I prefer.

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations and where to purchase a pattern for a baby afghan that is fairly easy and quick to work up. Just a smaller, quicker project to do in between the larger or more involved ones is what I’m looking for.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Welcome! Here’s a link to LoveCrafts. I just did a search for Crochet and then Baby Blankets. Both free and paid patterns.

Darlagb: Thank you very much for the website link! I have found quite a few things to download and add to my collection!

Glad you found things that will work for you!

Another source for patterns is your public library. :slight_smile:

C2C is a very easy way to do baby blankets or anything at all. I’ve done scarves, dishcloths, rectangular shawls and blankets big and small all in C2C. You can edge it with any stitch you like or none if you prefer. I found the how to instructions in a library book several years ago. It’s probably on line somewhere. I still gravitate to books rather than stuff on line… :smiley: