Birds Of Prey Embrodered Dress

The Birds of Prey dress is going to The American Visionary Museum in Baltimore MD new exbition, entitled “The Secret Life of Earth: Alive! Awake! (and possibly really Angry!)” explores work inspired by wildlife, the environment, and climate change.

Birds of Prey, a handmade evening gown with embroidered scenes depicting birds hunting and feeding displays the beauty and terror of nature at once. The exhibition opens publicly Saturday, October 5th with a preview party Friday October 4th 7-10 p.m.

More on the dress (which is available for purchase!) here






It’s embroidered??? Wow!!! I take off my hat to whoever did that. I don’t know whether to be inspired, or to give up all hope of ever being that good. I see it is for sale - I dread to think what it costs. Whatever it costs, it is worth it.

The link to the artist gallery is below the last image
Embroidery on Silk

@wheat I had a look and it says to call the gallery for pricing. I am not that brave - I will just dream on!