BINGO CARDS - Get Yours Here !

Hello !

I thought it might be fun to play a little [SIZE=28px]Spin de Fleece Bingo[/SIZE] !

Challenge yourself to get a [SIZE=18px]Bingo [/SIZE]… or maybe even a [SIZE=18px]Blackout [/SIZE]! Can you do[SIZE=18px] Four Corners[/SIZE]?

I have attached a pdf file with 30 different randomized bingo cards. Please pick one of these to use. You can print out one or more of these.

If you would prefer to make your own Bingo Card (or don’t have a printer handy) … Here are the options I used when making the pdf file.

Spin on July 1st
Spin Outdoors
Spin in Public
Spin a New To You Fiber
Use a New Technique
Spin over 1 Hour in 1 Day
Teach someone to Spin
Attend a Virtual Spin
Spin while watching TDF
Spin while watching a movie
Spin RWB on July 4th
Spin 10 minutes every day
Spin a 2 ply
Spin a 3 ply or Chain ply
Finish 100 yards of yarn
Finish 500 yards of yarn
Spin in your bedroom
Spin with a friend
Spin listening to audiobook
Spin Fingering/Sport Weight
Spin Worsted/Aran Weight

Feel free to share your progress with all of us … :slight_smile:

Spin_de_Fleece_2022_Bingo.pdf (236 KB)

I see your bingo cards are 4X4, I thought most bingo cards were 5x5 with a free space??

the standard bingo is 5x5 … but I thought 4x4 would be interesting to do this time. The bingo card generator allowed for 3x3 4x4 or 5x5.

Thank you. I guess I’m just used to the 5x5 but I can use a 4x4, wonder which one is easier? I’ll have to look at the cards tomorrow and decide on one or two.