Baby sock pattern

Looking for a simple,maybe toe up? Baby sock pattern since I usually knit taat,toe up. The only ones I see on the sock blog I follow are
​​​from R. Would like just a simple version that I could maybe even do 4aat on 40" circular. Is that even possible?

There is a chart for how may stitches to start with, heel flap etc in the Vogue Knitting Sock Book, there is a copy in my public library maybe yours has one too? Here is a link to it on Amazon (it is not expensive if you buy it used, too!)®-Knitting-Ultimate-Sock-Book/dp/1933027193

Here is a blogspot link to a newborn hat and socks.

I made these booties from this blog and they turned out really cute.

These are adorable!

@bean Thank You, I ordered a used one.

awesome @PassthePeace1! I love the worksheets that are in the back of the book, too – I made a ton of copies so if I want to recreate a sock I make up myself I have an easy reference.

Here is a free pattern from Judy Kaethler I used many times. Its not a based on using a 40" circular or toe up but its quick and turns out great

Cozy Little Toes pattern link

@FreedomLover I second you on that. I have knitted quite a few baby socks from Drops, using ADDI Crasytrio ( FlexiFlips), they are a good fit.

Rowan free socks:[0]=field_project_type_category%3A14594&f[1]=field_term_tehnique%3A14577&f[2]=field_project_type_category%3A14586

I love their patterns. I know some don’t because of the AT THE SAME TIME instructions, but I find I can rewrite those sections into single steps.

These look great,I’m definitely doing these,thanks!

This links to R?

Do you have a pattern that is not on ravelry as not all of us are members there.

I CO36-38 STS and knit cuff down. German short-row heel. I suggest a ribbed pattern like k3p1 or a blueberry waffle type of stitch pattern that keeps the sock snug. These fit my LO from 2-5months old. I she figured out she could kick socks off there was no keeping socks on those little feet :joy:. Also, knit the leg pretty long, they stay on nicely when you have a long leg.