Antique and Vintage Crochet

I’m currently working on this jacket from the Nov. 1864 Godey"s Lady’s Book

I also have some fillet tableclothe and bed spread patterns from the 1930’s. Does anyone else collect antique and vintage patterns?

1 1864 crocheted jacket.jpg

I’d love to see your jacket when it’s done!

I have a very tiny collection of antique and vintage patterns (so far). I haven’t made anything from them yet but would love to.

@TeaNSugar have you seen Antique Pattern Library?

Also here is the full run of Godey’s

@anniebelle64 It’s been awhile since I’ve looked at the first link. When I looked just now I see they have Workbasket magazines which I don’t remember seeing there before. I just spent time looking at those and will be back to look some more!

The other link I haven’t seen before. I will be checking it out. Thank you!

I bought a ‘vintage’ cape pattern, a couple of years back. it’s a hooded cape, and I crocheted one for myself, and one for my mother, for Christmas. That was about 3 years ago. I’ve been thinking of trying to come up with a vintage style half cape pattern, along with other things, for the fuller figured female. I’ve just never gotten around to it, yet.

A friend owns this vintage trivet/potholder from Iowa. It looks simple enough to reproduce, but I wondered if anyone out there recognizes or has the pattern . It looks like a Workbasket-type of project. It is about a foot long and appears to be made of cotton rug yarn.


Looks like a simple leaf pattern from Irish crochet. There’s tons of patterns out there but here’s the first one Google threw at me -

I have a whole collection of vintage patterns. They provide great inspiration but can be terribly frustrating too. It’s more than a little ironic that today’s patterns (where there’s so many easily accessible tutorials) are more detailed than those old ones. Printing was more expensive so it might have been to keep things concise, but, phew, they sure expect the reader to know a lot of information for beginning and ending rows.

@michelet I do thank you for that link, which I have bookmarked. It certainly has the same features as my friend’s crocheted piece. I think if I follow and make the smaller leave in the blog post, that I can understand what to do to replicate the larger one in my photo. It also looks like a great site to explore so thanks again!

@michelet It’s the same with cookbooks and my vintage and antique recipes. It was assumes the you knew what they were talking about because in most cases you would have; woman being homemakers ect.

@anniebelle64 Did you ever finish the 1864 jacket?

TeaNSugar I had to frog it because I was finding too many mistakes and put it in hibernation while I did some more research. I’m starting back up on it now and should hopefully have the bodice portian done soon (facepalm)

@anniebelle64 That’s too bad about the frogging, but I’m glad to hear you are making progress again. :slight_smile: